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Boveda Humidification Packets (60 Gram)

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Boveda is the standard in temporary humidification. This 2-way humidification packet will help you store or ship your cigars without worry that they’ll dry out.


Boveda is a two-way humidification system. If the humidity is below what’s marked on the packet, it’ll let out more humidity. If the humidity is above the marked %, the pack will absorb humidity. It’s designed to be a set it and forget it solution for desktop humidors, travel humidors, and cigars during shipping.

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Weight 0.5 lbs

– 4-6 week humidity life (depending on relative humidity) – 2-way humidity system – packet fits just about anywhere

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1 review for Boveda Humidification Packets (60 Gram)

  1. TrickedoutTech

    We love the Boveda packs. We use them in desktop humidors & other humidors holding up to 250 cigars. We use an electric humidifier that I designed, in our larger humidors that hold 300-1000 cigars. My electric will introduce dry humidity along with a light mist humidity spray one every 24, 36 or 72 hours. However. I have some unopened Boveda-packs in there just in case, I go on vaca or in the case a power outage looks like it could last days. I just open spread throughout and not worry until we are back or power is on. I have found if you take (real) vacuum seal bags or (real) shrink wrap “both nonporous, and seal the Boveda packs back up they will store until you need them again. However, most zip-lock bags will work for this. Enjoy your new Boveda packs. Here to enjoying a great cigar!!

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