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Darkfire Spanish Cedar Cigar Spills

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In the world of cigars, there is no way to get a better cleaner way to get the purest flavor from a cigar than with a cedar spill. These 6 inch cedar spills are made by Darkfire Cigar Spills exclusively for Cigars Daily. Grab yours today.

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Use a lighter, match, or flint and steel to light one of these cedar spills and then use it to light your cigar. The flavor you’ll taste is what the master blender truly intended. With one tube of Darkfire Cigar Spills you’ll be able to light 25-50 cigars (depending on how much wood you burn to light your cigar).


Additional Information
Weight .25 lbs

– Each spill is 6 inches long
– The tube comes with approx 24 cedar spills
– Each spill lights approx 1-2 cigars
– Made entirely of Spanish Cedar

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