Whether you’re looking for a good recommendation, or trying to get info on international shipping costs, we’re here to help. On this page, you’ll find a collection of our most frequently asked questions, along with some helpful links. If your question isn’t answered here, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page to reach out, and amazing customer service team will work to get back to you within 24 hours. 


If you’re just getting into cigars, we’re excited for you! Every amazing cigar you’ll ever smoke is still in front of you and there’s a lot to try! When it comes to which cigars you should try next, we recommend some more mild blends. These typically have Connecticut Shade wrapper leaves, and each one offers it’s own variety for flavors. Click Here to see our top beginners cigars. This selection contains our top recommendations, and the favorites of many of our customers!
If you’re a fan of medium bodied blends, or you’re looking to expand your palate, there are a ton of amazing blends out there. Click Here to browse a selection of our top recommendations from some of the world’s best and most time tested cigar makers. 
If you’re a fan of bold, full throttle, high octane cigars, we’ve got just the thing. There are a ton of amazing full bodied cigars out there. You’ll notice that a lot of these cigars have bolder wrapper leaves: Maduro, Oscuro, Mexican San Andres, and Connecticut Broadleaf. But not all full bodied cigars are created equally. Click Here to see our recommendations, which are based on what our customers are buying, and what we think is worth your time.
The Cigars Daily Dual Torch Lighter (with the torch and soft flame) was one of our favorite accessories for a long time. We did, however, decide to discontinue this lighter after having significant quality issues from the manufacturer. We were seeing as many as 1 in 4 of these lighters malfunctioning right out of the box. For that reason, we’ve restocked CigarsDaily.com with a new selection of lighters that offer a higher level or reliability, and great functionality. Click Here to see our collection of lighters and other reliable accessoreis. 

Returns and replacements

If you receive a cigar, lighter, cutter, humidor, or anything that’s damaged in your order, we want to work to make it right. Per our Terms and Conditions, we ask that everyone to open and inspect orders upon receipt. If there are issues with anything we’ve sent you, let us know within 5 days of the delivery of your order (this can be done via phone or email). Then we will issue you return instructions, and begin the process of replacing or refunding your order. We do, however, suggest that you go over the RETURN/REPLACEMENT portion of our Terms and Conditions to familiarize yourself with the process.

International Orders

Currently, we ship direct to the UK, Australia, and Canada. 

In order to provide you with the most reliable service, we declare ALL international orders as Cigars (it’s not even worth asking if we will declare them as something else, we simply won’t do it). We work to follow each country’s customs laws and regulations because this is the best way to get your order to you as quickly and reliably as possible. That does, however, mean that it is highly likely that your order will have taxes/duties assessed when it reaches the boarder. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with your county’s customs laws prior to placing your order.

If your order has been taxed at the border and you decide you do not want it anymore, you are free to reject the order and have it shipped back to Cigars Daily. Once we receive the package we will (per our Terms and Conditions) process a refund, less shipping & a 25% restocking fee. International shipping of cigars is something that we take very seriously, and we will work to make sure every order arrives at its delivery address. However, we do consider it to be the responsibility of each person to know what international fees will be assessed before placing an order.

Shipping for International orders is based on the weight of each order, and is quoted (in the cart & checkout) using USPS direct quotes. You will know the shipping cost on your order when you go to check out, but these charges typically range between $25.00 USD – $60.00 USD.  

Where do I find your best deals?

We work to provide the best possible deals for our customers. There are two methods we recommend for getting our absolute best price.

  1. Email Subscription: If you scroll to the very bottom of the page, you’ll see a place where you can subscribe for email updates from Cigars Daily (or Click Here to sign up directly. We send out multiple emails each week with our absolute best deals. The people who subscribe to this list get first pick on nearly every promotion we run on the website.
  2. The CigarsDaily.com homepage: Outside of getting emails, the best place to find deals is on the homepage of our website. We keep that pages stocked with our most current coupon codes, free addons, newest products, and fan favorites. There’s no secret place to get a deal on CigarsDaily.com… at least not yet.

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?

As a family owned and operated business, we are working hard to provide the absolute best value we can for every order. For that reason, we do not have a specific military/first responder discount at this time. We get frequent requests for this, and we will continue to work toward offering the best value we can, especially for the men and women who serve and protect our country.

Order Information

Sometimes orders receive a status of ‘Payment Pending’. This typically happens for two reasons. Either the order was placed using Paypal Express for payment and Paypal has placed a temporary hold on the order, or the order was placed with a credit card and the payment was put on hold by the credit card processor or your bank. If either of these things happen, we will work to get your payment processed and your order shipped as quickly as possible. From time to time this may require us to contact you for more information. Contact attempts will always be made using the email address or phone number that is listed on your order.

Wrong addresses are something that just happen. If you have simply listed a wrong zip code, our software will typically catch it and correct the issue before the order leaves our shop. If, however, you’ve listed the wrong street address, wrong state, wrong city, etc. then you will want to contact us (using the form at the bottom of this page) right away to get your address corrected on your order before it leaves the shop. If an order goes out with the wrong address, it will likely be sent to the wrong address before being returned to us. Then our customer service team can help come up with a solution to get your order shipped to your correct address as soon as possible.

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