Dissim Bullseye Cigar Punch Cutter (Silver)

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From its unmistakable tactical shape of  a Bullet and you turn the head of the bullet to extend and retract the punching mechanism out of the body of the unit to 2 separate punching depts. The unit locks into place for these 2 depths depending how deep of a punch you want. Outside of the high quality feel, premium key ring, brushed finish where the uniqueness shines and is un like any other punch on the market is within the mechanism, it has a extra sharp 11mm blade to punch like standard punches but it also has a very sharp center awl that extends from the center of the blades by 2 mm beyond the outer ring blade and then fully retracts flush with the body. What this does is it bores out a center hole that is deeper, allowing for better flow and puff from a standard punch because it goes in deeper into the cigar and also is the best guide for lining your punching point in top dead center so you don’t crack the cap or have an off punch. This little awl also gives you consistent mini Frisbee looking cap removals consistently keeping the punch unit as well as the area you are punching cleaner.  Every twist you feel the unique mechanism decisively click into depth as it extends and retracts.

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