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Acrylic Desktop Humidor | 20 cigar capacity

(12 customer reviews)


Looking for a “set it and forget it” solution to storing and ageing your cigars? Well, you just found it. Once you have the humidity dialled in, the tight seal on this humidor holds humidity for a long time!

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What’s better than getting a great desktop humidor?… Getting a great deal on one! This Acrylic Desktop Humidor comes from Prestige Import Group, a high-quality humidor manufacturer. It comes with a Spanish cedar plank for ageing cigars, and a rubberized lockable lid to lock in humidity. This is our favorite desktop humidor solution!!



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– rubberized lockable lid – humidifier included – Spanish Cedar plank for ageing cigars -digital hygrometer (optional)

Reviews (12)

12 reviews for Acrylic Desktop Humidor | 20 cigar capacity

  1. bigroger12 (verified owner)

    If you dont have one of these then you need one! Especially get it from Cigars Daily.

    Ordered mine with the hygrometer and Boveda pack. To my suprise they had put the Boveda pack into the humidifier so it was already at the right humidity and ready to go, no fuss no mess and most importantly to me no odor!

    Get one guys you wont be disappointed

  2. Frank B (verified owner)

    As a beginner this couldn’t be any easier. Looks great on my desk and holds a constant humidity with a single boveda pack. I will definitely buy another as my collection expands. One question though, in tinkering w/ the hygrometer tonight I somehow managed to change the temp reading from F to C. Any idea on how to change it back?

  3. Mroz, Joe (verified owner)

    I have one, but I do have a suggestion for better long term aging. If possible place the jar on its side. After all that is how Cigars are placed in a regular humidor. Gravity is always on the job. If it had wood at both ends I’d give it five stars. Written 11/24/2018 Vero Beach FL.

  4. Conner (verified owner)

    just a heads up when ordering this. They sell fast! I ordered one a couple weeks ago and they emailed me and said it recently went out of stock and i would have to wait until they were back in stock. I am very excited to get this product because they really praise this item.

  5. aruiz (verified owner)

    New to smoking cigars and bought on of these from Cigars Daily. these are perfect. Put a bovida pack 69 % and it’s at 70% live In CA hope that’s normal? Now I just need to start filling it up with cigars from Cigars Daliy. Gonna order some Filthy Vikings cor my next purchase.

  6. dustinjohns101 (verified owner)

    These things are the best, i have have 4 filled up. Just put a boveda pack in the canister, set it and forget it.

  7. Joshua (verified owner)

    Humidity stays between 69% and 71% without fail, and shipping was CRAZY fast.

  8. msoowal (verified owner)

    I absolutely love mine. Very easy, no worries.
    One Boveda pack and you’re all set..
    Holds great.
    Great company to deal with. VERY fast shipping.
    Already loading up my cart for my next order. Thank you Cigars Daily.

  9. Jeff Spellman (verified owner)

    This really is the set it and forget it humidor. I just got mine because I have a hard time with my wood humidor during the colder months. I bought it with a sampler and they threw the cigars in there with a Boveda pack. The thing works great my cigars are staying at 70% and I don’t have to do anything to maintain it.

  10. Andrew Faustina (verified owner)

    Simple and super easy fits 20 box press and 2 Toro cigars. Customer service was fantastic easy replacement for my first one that got damaged in shipping. Holding steady at the humidity with my bovada pack placed two for my 22 ticks

  11. David Farrington (verified owner)

    New to cigars and a very happy first-time customer of Cigars Daily. While researching for my first humidor I came across the Cigars Daily Channel on YouTube and Tim’s humidor videos and decided to make this my first humidor. I purchased the Humidor with Hygrometer and a few cigars that I like. The cigars, Boveda pack, and hygrometer were placed in a bubble wrap bag and then placed in the humidor for shipping. When they say they say lightning fast shipping, they are not lying 2 days from AZ to NC. I got the package on Saturday afternoon, and set it up (although I used the sledge-o-matic on the little puck unlike Tim’s hammer in the video.) By Sunday afternoon the humidity was at 68%, and this morning (Monday) it is reading 69%. I would add a link to Tim’s YouTube instructions to this page to help newbies like me.

  12. Patrick O’Keelean (verified owner)

    Wonderful starter humidor. Just a Boveda pack is needed.

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