Montecristo Espada Oscuro Guard (6×50)

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A collaboration for the ages! The Espada, meaning “Sword,” was unlike any Montecristo cigar before it, and featured some of the finest aged tobaccos from the Plasencia family’s renowned Nicaraguan tobacco library. After the release and success of the original Espada, it was time for Montecristo’s famed Grupo de Maestros to get back to work on a follow up. The result was the Espada Oscuro. This Nicaraguan Puro also uses rare leaf from Plasencia’s Nicaraguan tobacco library. It is bold, and quite a bit stronger with thick notes of earth, leather, pepper, spice, and hints of chocolate. With a combination like Montecristo and Plasencia, you know you are in for something out of this world! Grab your self an Espada today, and let your tastebuds lift off!