Foundation Olmec Claro Toro (6×52)

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Nick Mellilo’s newest blend brings the roots of historic Mexico to life with the Foundation Olmec. Named after the ancient Olmec civilization that once inhabited the very grounds where this Mexican San Andres wrapper is grown, Nick was inspired to craft this rich blend after a trip in Mexico to purchase tobacco. The Olmecs lived in the region that is now Mexico before the Aztecs and the Mayans, and they are considered to be one of the most influential societies of the early Americas. The Olmecs were one of the earliest known civilizations to consume and cultivate tobacco, and this blend is a tribute to them. Lighting up the Foundation Olmec presents bold complex notes of dark espresso, cacao, and spice. Everything Foundation has released have been a smash hit in the cigar industry, and the Olmec is sure to be the next one. Grab Nick’s newest creation today! You will be glad you did!