Thank you for visiting Here is a quick video tour of our website, along with a couple hacks to make ordering easier and get better deals.


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Here are a couple other tips to make your shopping experience even better.

  • when you click on the ‘Cigars’ tab near the top of the page, it’ll bring up our growing cigar brand list on the right (the list will be below the product images if you are on a mobile device).
  • Most cigars can be bought as a ‘single’ cigar. This allows you to put together your own samplers (and even get a discount on them when we’re running site-wide discounts).
  • If we are out of stock on something or we do not carry what you’re looking for, you are always invited to contact us by clicking here to ask about availability.
  • We send out emails with discounts that are above and beyond what we can advertise on the homepage. So sign up for the email newsletter at the bottom of the page.