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Schizo Gordo SINGLE

(36 customer reviews)


It is our great honor to introduce you to the first blend we’ve truly fallen in love with at Cigars Daily. This bold, savory blend is our way of saying ‘thank you’ for the tremendous support that all of you have given to make Cigars Daily the success that it is.


As the Cigars Daily Exclusive brands (i.e. Liga Zebra, Liga Muerte, Rico Barato, Box-Pressed Rebellion, etc.) have grown like a weed in popularity, we went back to the drawing board to release our first exclusive blend. We searched high and low for top quality in tobacco, construction, and flavor. The Obrigado is the result of our search. This dark Habano wrapped blend comes with fillers from both Aganorsa Leaf and Oliva Tobacco (who provides leaf for brands like La Flor Dominicana, Rocky Patel, and Perdomo). The result of these quality tobaccos is a rich medium-full bodied blend with mouthwatering notes of wood, leather, and dark chocolate.

The name, Obrigado, is a Portuguese word that simply translates as “much obliged”. We picked it because this blend is our way of thanking you for making Cigars Daily such a success. It is our deep and distinguished privilege to serve your cigar needs, and we look forward to doing so long into the future.

Additional Information
Weight 0.5 lbs

Robusto (5×50), Toro (6×52)


Habano Oscura Luz (Dark Habano)






Medium – Full

Reviews (36)

36 reviews for Schizo Gordo SINGLE

  1. Mugennosora (verified owner)

    O.M.G, Do i feel the appreciation of this superb stick. first of all, as someone that continue to support the Cigar Daily nation, i feel very proud to be able to smoke this cigar. I am sure a lot of the supporter feel the same way. i bought 6 pack and it’s already gone. Because i can’t stop showing it to my friends and ask them to try it. lets break down this review.

    1. the band on this thing is beautiful, i am very excited that we get to finally see bands on a cigars daily cigar. seriously i would love to see more bands on the other cigars you carry even if it’s not as fancy. something like a paper band would be good enough. but GOOD JOB TIm!

    2. receiving this 6 pack. I got a boveda pack in mine! and i didn’t order one so they really do care about the well being of this cigar before it arrive to my home. (i have to be honest i was worry about the condition since out side was like 85 degree when it arrived)

    3. the stick itself. it’s beautiful, construction was great, It appear to be similar to a name brand cigars, color is even and looks great.

    4. flavor, this stick got good flavor. i have to say i personally don’t like strong cigars, i love Connecticut wrapper compare to Habano because i usually turn green if i smoke them. BUT, I can tell you this one eases in. i didn’t feel like it’s very strong initially, it’s more like first 1/3 is light to med, and the rest is more close to a solid med bodied smoke. very enjoyable and does not turn me green right off the bat. For me my stick didn’t burn all that evenly, but easily corrected with a little touch up. Personally i would still probably like dog rocket or Rico Barato more because it’s light bodied and easier for me to smoke. But i think I would still keep a few of this nice cigar for those days where i had bigger meal or on a colder day..

    Nice construction cigar, Love the band, Felt the appreciation and proud to support Cigars daily. Smoke is light to med initially then turn to med. the strength eases in and does not beat you in the face and turn you green. Enjoyable and should be something i personally would keep a few in the humidor. Not very expensive but comparable to some name brand cigar at higher price, My friends enjoyed it and doesn’t break the bank to share with friends.. Obrigado CIgar Daily! keep up the good work. (now if we can get this into a wooden box so that i can keep it in it’s on box it would be awesome.)

    • Tim Swanson

      Thank you for your review!!! We are working on a boxed cigar release that’ll be coming out later this year! I’m really glad you liked it, and we’ll keep good stuff like this coming!

  2. aaron.p.oconnor (verified owner)

    What a great stick! Tim nails the flavors head on in his review with the hard wood, dark chocolate (not sweet but more like a 90% dark cocoa), and the smooth leather finish. The flavor is very mild in the 1/3 and consistently graduates it’s way to a strong heavy medium flavor towards the final 2/3 of the stick. I’m on stick 1 out of the 6 that I ordered so I will follow up with the consistency but the cigar is a true beaut with the wrapper, feel, and band, and how it burns. In his review the burn had to correct itself but mine perfectly burned with no errors from start to finish. Feels just like a 90+ and a great go-to for a delicious start to my breakfast routine. Well done, Tim!

  3. Bryson Benninger

    First off I’d like to say thank you to Tim and his wife for the excellent service I received when I visited the retail store. I picked up my first six pack of the Obrigado to sample and share with some friends.
    I lit one up as soon as I got home because I just couldn’t wait. And Tim, it should have been called the “O My Gado” like you said. It started off with some pepper and notses of leather and cream. After about an inch the pepper for the most part went away but it continued with some tingling on the tongue with a long creamy finish. The ash holds on for at least an inch at a time and the burn line is almost razor sharp. The second third has the pepper pick up a little but there is also some sweetness that reminds of raisins. The burn got a little wonky but no need for a touch up which corrected itself by the start of the final third (right at the band point). The final third lost most of the pepper again but revealed some bread notes through a short retrohale. The tingling on the tongue also continued. There is a little nicotine in the final third as I didn’t feel like getting up out my chair. My head was not spinning but I do feel a little light headed (and I like strong cigars). I smoked it down to the nub to where it was almost burning my fingers. I’m betting the Odrigado will be a classic after a year of aging in my humidor. Thanks Tim!

  4. fordo420 (verified owner)

    Just finished my first stick. Very happy! Good classic cigar taste for me. Burn was good, only had one wonky spot in the final 3rd but it fixed itself. I scored it at a 90! Thanks Tim for keeping us blue collar guys in great cigars at good prices! Now to the band, I love it! Classy good coloring well placed. These sticks look awesome in my humidor! Can’t wait to see what happens at they age, if they make it that long. Will definitely be reordering soon

  5. Kace (verified owner)

    Got my bundle of 18 today. Super fast shipping. They look great. I’m resting mine before I try them, but I can’t wait to cut and light one up. Hand signed letter from Mr. Swanson was a nice touch. Thank you for all of your hard work and great deals. Once I smoke one, I will come back and leave a review.

  6. jordancma (verified owner)

    I was skeptical because of the price but I can see why Tim rated this stick as 90+. The burn was good and the flavors were even better. The smoke is super smooth and easy to retrohale. I got a lot of dessert like flavors such as coconut, almonds, raisins, and creamy wood notes. There were also some savory cooking spices on the nose but it was subtle. At ~5 dollars for an introductory price this is a steal. Would recommend everyone to try it now while its still available.

  7. Marc Kann

    Hey Tim,

    Marc Kann here and I wanted to drop an email about my review of the Obrigado stick. If I am being honest, I was a little disappointed……THAT YOU DIDN’T RELEASE THIS EARLIER!!!!!!! Dude, great stick!!! I rated it a 94. Great burn all the way through (had a 3 inch ash before it fell). I am primarly a light to medium bodied guy as well, but lately trying to broaden my horizons. I love it, got hints of leather and wood notes right away with a hint of like a dark chocolate. The dark chocolate faded away throughout the smoke but the wood and leather stayed consistent to the very end. Very enjoyable, and I think you may have opened my mind to try all different kinds of sticks, light to full bodied. Anyway, I don’t want to take up a lot of your time, I know you’re very busy. I will say kudos to you and your family for the business you guys started. I have spread the word to my fathernlaw and brothernlaw who have ordered from you and have been very happy with your cigars. Thanks again, and I can’t wait for the stick you release in September!!!

    Take care,
    Marc Kann

  8. Mike A (verified owner)

    Obrigado a Homerun. God Bless a God fearing family business. So happy with all my transactions.

  9. Richard Henry (verified owner)

    First off allow me to say not only is this a quality product, but it comes from a quality company. My six pack order of this came promptly delivered to my house ( TWO DAYS AFTER THE ORDER WAS PLACED) and was delivered with boveda packets in the parcel. Plus it came with “best care” instructions signed by Tim himself. Outstanding customer service to say the least. ANYWAYS on to the cigar itself. Very well constructed smoke and outstanding band. The cigar has a great flavor and presentation. Wood and slight leathery notes. Burns well all the way down and finishes just as great as it starts. An outstanding cigar from a great new company. Having shared them with my brother and a friend, its needless to say I will continue to be a customer of Cigars Daily from here on out. Thank you for the great experience and for the outstanding reviews/ live streams on YouTube. Any one who hasn’t viewed/subscribed needs to ASAP. Thanks again Tim and the whole Cigars Daily team!!

  10. Richard Refling (verified owner)

    First I would like to say I love Cigars Daily and the fast service. The blend was amazing. Smooth finish. Leather and a hint of pepper. I gave it a three star because the wrapper on my first one completely fell apart. I’m hoping with more time in the humidor it will improve.

  11. Charles Lim (verified owner)

    Firmly packed, hour-long medium+ strength smoke with a great draw. Leather, 90% cacao bar, and a savoury note like light soy sauce (without the saltiness) show up as main flavours at different points. Burn had to be corrected twice, but responded very well to a gentle touch up each time. A very nice cigar to end the day with.

  12. robert.pettigrew (verified owner)

    Like many of the reviewers here, I need to thank Tim, his wife and all of Cigars Daily for the incredibly fast quality service they provided. That being said so far I have had four of these, three of these were wonderful, the fourth one, like one reviewer encountered, the wrapper fell apart while in the final third. That’s the only reason for the four stars. I enjoyed the spicy and leathery flavor, and when paired with a good scotch it really brought out some sweetness in the smoke as well. I’d recommend these to anyone who was looking to try something new at an affordable price point.

  13. Charles Davenport (verified owner)

    What can I say? Left the Obrigado in my humidor for several days after receiving them and now on this Sunday afternoon, June 7th 2018. Tim…. Awesome cigar hands down, well one up as I’m smoking this awesome stick. Once my 6 pack is gone, I’ll be back for more.

  14. fortjul.jf (verified owner)

    This cigar exceeded my standards especially in it’s price range. Loved the band the tastes were great the aroma was everything I love coats for. Getting ready to light up another one today. Care to join me?

  15. ebaybuyer512 (verified owner)

    Just finished one right now and really enjoyed it. A relatively quick smoke with heavy leathery and woody notes. The foot smoke aroma was a pretty general sweet cedar scent, which is typical of a traditional/heritage cigar brand. The transitions only made the flavors more amplified, ending with a slight nutty leather and peat (like a whiskey). Overall a savory cigar that paired extremely well with a sweeten bold coffee roast. I paired it with a small cup of Peet’s Las Hermanas blend and it added a little baker’s chocolate to the finish.

  16. Tiffany T

    Amazing cigar, good price, good quality! Definitely should buy if you haven’t tried it yet😊✌️

  17. Mike (verified owner)

    Solid construction medium body cigar that became progressively smoother through the thirds. Great value. 88.

  18. voltive1998 (verified owner)

    Great Overall Cigar. It had a good burn, great draw, and good construction. I found it to be medium/full bodied with notes of leather, chocolate, and hints of spice. It was a smooth cigar and in the 3/3 the notes of a Dark Chocolate really enriched. I bought two of them but will definitely be buying more!

  19. Mark

    Cigars Daily has positively nailed it with this superb blend. The flavors and quality of the construction make these great smoking cigars a top notch pick that I rate at 95. I am so glad that I found Cigars Daily and Tim and family in time to participate the introduction of what I am sure will be a very much in demand. Tim your efforts to deliver excellence are evident in the Obrigado.

  20. fidbec_19 (verified owner)

    My daily cigar right now. Super smooth, complex flavors and great price. I just hope a Toro size comes out soon.

  21. bclark1394 (verified owner)

    This cigar is one of a kind. I had high hopes for it and it delivered incredible results. I would rate this a 95 plus. It has character, charisma, and is all a round a great stick. I will definitely purchase more of these.

  22. gstein114

    I received one of these as an extra to my order when something was out of stock (thank you Allison). I decided to go into it blind, and was very pleasantly surprised. First of all, this is a well rolled cigar, with a very easy draw and while the burn did wasn’t razor clean it didn’t need to be touched up during the smoke.

    I was surprised how much I really enjoyed this smoke, from the woody flavors in the first third, to the bits of pepper closer to the end it kept me interested all the way through. And all the way through just this creamy smooth dark chocolate note. I’ll for sure be picking up some more in my next order, because these are the perfect cigars to keep on hand for sharing with a wide appeal, it’s something I’m happy to have friends try when they’re joining me for a smoke.

  23. Dustin Butzin (verified owner)

    So to start off, I gave this a 92… but I wasn’t sold on it right away. I grabbed a single with my order of Dog Rockets just to try it. After all the hype Tim gave it, I was pretty excited to try it. SO I lit it up, and right away, I was like “well that’s not a lot of flavor, but I paid over $7 for it so “f” it let’s smoke it…” oh man am I glad I stuck with it. After about the first 1/8 inch I started to get blown away by the taste and the flavors that started. Had no real issues with the burn, but to smoke down to the nub I had to relight/ touch up after pulling the band off (and trust me, I wanted that nub!) Wasn’t my absolute favorite flavor profile (I like em a little on the stronger side), but it I liked it a lot, it was made very well and delivered everything Tim said it would. Definitely will buy it again. The ONLY reason this didn’t get a 95 for me was the flavor off the light and the last third relight, otherwise it’s a great cigar and worth the money!

  24. Greg Mier (verified owner)

    After receiving this earlier in the week, I smoked my first one tonight. I really enjoyed this cigar. Here is my review and this is actually my first cigar review.

    This to me was a light to medium body cigar. It is very well constructed. It produced a nice white ash as I smoked it. I was able to pick out some wood, chocolate/coffee, and leather notes. The flavors were consistent throughout and did not change much. I was not able to taste a transition on any of the thirds. There seemed to be a light white pepper on the retrohale.

    The burn was not a 100% consistent burn but did correct itself as I smoked it. The cigar did start to unravel a little on the last 3rd but was not a big issue.

    I am rating this cigar a 91. This a great cigar. Anyone reading this should immediately purchase this and try it.

    Hats off to you my friend. I am praying for your business to proper and wisdom as you move forward as you grow it. Cheers!

  25. andrewladd

    So out a month ago my friend bought me two of theses. They both came in dry so i put them in a humidor with the boveda pack and left them alone for almost a month. so i go to smoke one and one cap is cracked and the other is still dry. I was really looking forward to smoking one but never got the chance. i will be ordering a few soon to actually smoke one.

  26. David Sears (verified owner)

    Love this cigar, needs to be in Toro size,only thing that would make it better

  27. hwansikcjswo

    I didn’t expect to rate this 95 before I smoked it but I wouldn’t hesitate to rate it 95 points again! I loved all the flavors coming out of this stick. The construction and the burn was perfect and I loved how I didn’t get light headed even thou it has a ton of flavors. I smoked robusto size and I ordered a toro size yesterday.. This is something that I will always keep in my humidor and smoke regularly.

  28. philby799

    Exceptional stick! I am somewhat new to cigar smoking and this stick blew me away! Use your mouse click on buy, you will not be let down!

  29. Niccopunzalan

    Easily one of my new favorite sticks to smoke in the toro size.

    At first I mistakenly thought it was a Connecticut wrapper with bold flavors, but upon asking, I was told that it’s a light colored habano wrapper, and boy does it taste amazing.

    This could easily be a great everyday smoke for me, and for the price point you can’t beat it.

    Construction is top notch
    Bold flavors
    Great strength
    Amazing draw with V cut
    No burn issues

    All the makings of an amazing cigar. All I can say is that it’s box buying worthy.

  30. jay.segal85 (verified owner)

    I was interested to see how this Cigars Daily exclusive was going to hold up, and I can say I was not disappointed. The construction and burn on my stick was flawless, and there was some great smooth flavor to the cigar as well. Without a doubt I would recommend this stick!! Great job Tim

  31. norberto.barberiz

    I think this is a well-constructed cigar. You can certainly tell that it was made with great care. It burns fairly well and has a smooth draw. When it comes to flavor profile the Obrigado left me a bit wanting. There was a strong, almost harsh, leather note that was present from beginning to end. There was also a very present pepper note. I did not find any of the other flavor notes other reviews spoke of unfortunately.

  32. Jovaann1422

    Really good flavor but wrapper started to fall apart and the burn wasn’t that great on it

  33. Mike

    Pros: great flavor

    Cons: really, really tight draw and the wrapper came undone

  34. m.diveglio (verified owner)

    Great stick! Medium bodied throughout. Good burn. Good flavor, leather was most noticible for me but everyone is different. Nothing negative to say about this cigar. Huge fan of Cigars daily and you guys are now my go to for all my cigar needs.

  35. tonyp2001 (verified owner)

    Tried one and didnt have good luck with it, the cap came apart as soon as I cut. Then most of it came unraveled. But apart from that was a good cigar maybe could of been a bad one. I may give it another try.

  36. Albin Thorning (verified owner)

    There must be inconsistencies in the production. My batch has an all too tight draw to be enjoyable, sorry to say. I gave two of them a chance, two nights in a row, but it was a pain both times.
    Nice flavor, but I had to put it down a third of the way in.

    I will give the filthy Viking a go! 🙂

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