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Winter Freebie Event Flyer

This winter take your pick from $1000’s in FREE cigars, accessories, and other great swag when you buy cigars from participating brands. There are no coupon codes for this event. Simply shop the brands you like, and when you’ve added the corresponding dollar amounts to your cart, you’ll be offered free gifts at checkout. It’s the perfect way to warm up the cold winter months.

CAO SliderCAO has created some of the most compelling blends in the world. They have created a name for themselves by using rare tobaccos from exotic parts of the world. Right now you’ll get some of our best offers on CAO. Start with 20% off, and then get an EXTRA 3-stick sampler FREE when you spend $59.99 or more on CAO Cigars!

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Oliva Freebie Slider

Oliva is one of the most award winning brands of all time. Their commitment to crafting excellent cigars shows with every stick you smoke. Everything from the mild Connecticut Reserve to the medium+ Melanio has cigar smokers coming back for more! So grab some Oliva cigars and get your choice of one or two limited edition samplers while you’re at it!

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AJF FREE Cutter Slider

You know how to tell if a great cigar when you see one? When the factory has to pump out more than 100,000 sticks per day to keep up with the demand. That is exactly what AJ Fernandez has to do. He makes cigars for some of the biggest names in cigars, and his own blends are award winning in and of themselves. Right now you can get some of AJ’s best cigars along with a FREE heavy duty double blade cutter.

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Mombacho & Patina slider

From the rich volcanic soil of Nicaragua, Mombacho and Patina make some of the most flavor packed boutique blends available anywhere. They’re not cheap, but you absolutely get what you pay for when you smoke these blends. During the Freebie event, get 3 FREE Patina Churchills for FREE when you spend just 44.99 on Mombacho and/or Patina cigars.

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Cornelius & Anthony FREEBIE Slider

This freebie deal even made us do a double take. Right now, when you spend just 98.99 or more on Cornelius & Anthony cigars, you’re going to get a C&A 5-Pack Sampler, C&A ballcap, and C&A ashtray. This one isn’t rocket science. It’s a deal that’s just too good to pass up. Plus, if you haven’t tried Cornelius & Anthony before, you’ll get to discover why this family cigar brand is one of the oldest in America.
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Nub Freebie slider image

Nub cigars are short and they’re not even insecure about it. They’re made for the sole purpose of giving you the full flavor of the blend immediately from light up (when it can take some time to get the full flavor of cigars from other cigar makers). Plus, when you $49.99 or more on Nub right now, you’ll get a FREE limited edition 4-Pack sampler with a nub cigar Punch!
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