Thank you so much for joining us for the soft launch! By participating, you’re helping us work out all the bugs in the system. If you’re experiencing error, you’re not the only one. There are a couple known errors that we’ve run into, and we’re working diligently on each one right now. Here is a basic breakdown of exactly what issues are coming up, and what you can expect with each one.


ERROR: 10557-A profile preference is set to automatically deny certain transactions.

This is an error that’s coming across for customers trying to check out with a Mastercard. The issue is coming from Mastercard, and we’re working to resolve this with them as quickly as possible!

SOLUTION: Our Merchant Processor has processed our ticket, and set our account to process Mastercard payment. Now you can checkout using Mastercard!!!



This is an error that’s been sending people in a loop between and Paypal for checking out. We’ve deactivated Paypal Express checkout for the moment, and we’re working with Paypal’s integration team to resolve this issue immediately.

SOLUTION: Paypal’s integration team looked at the issue and realized that this issue was on their end. You can now check out using Paypal Express Checkout in your cart!



This is an issue generated by select products because of product setup, we’re working on these products to rid the site of this problem. However, you may also experience this issue if your shipping address is not a verified address. If your problem persists past the next 24 house, please contact us at We’ll resolve it right away.

SOLUTION: This issue has been addressed! There should be no more “No Shipping Method” errors. Please contact us if you experience any issue with shipping while you’re on the checkout or cart pages.



We only got a call from one person about this, but we want to be very aware of any larger issue arises. Please note that NOBODY purchasing cigars outside of Arizona should be charged any taxes. If you live outside of AZ and the site is charging you taxes, please contact us right away at

SOLUTION: This issue is attached to an accidental setting of ‘AZ’ as your billing or shipping state within your account. IF YOU ARE BEING CHARGED TAXES while ordering from outside the state of Arizona. If you have any issues with this, please email us right away!


All that being said, the soft launch has gone really really well. All of your support has made it a tremendous success. So far our biggest problem seems to be keeping the product in stock… which is a great problem to have.

Thanks again,