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United Cuban Flavor Sampler (f. Atabey)

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Want authentic Cuban flavor? Well this sampler is here to deliver. We’re not saying that these cigars are from Cuba, but their incredibly earthy flavor profiles will make you wonder. Buy today and you’ll get the Atabey – the world’s most famous ‘undisclosed’ blend.

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United Cigars does two simple things. They make absolutely tasty cigars, and they offer them at affordable prices. Their blends run the gambit of flavor from the lightest Connecticuts to the most robust maduros. In this sampler, you’ll get some of their best offerings, including the world famous Atabey – a cigar with such authentic Cuban flavor that it has to make you wonder.

Additional Information
Weight 0.5 lbs
Comes with these cigars

(pictured from left to right)
– Atabey Divinos 4 3/4×50
– United Robusto Box-Pressed 5×50
– Garofolo Connecticut Robusto 5×50
– United Classic Maduro Robusto 5×50
– FREE Obrigado Robusto 5×50

*non-Atabey or non-Obrigado cigars may vary based on availability. However the value of the sampler will be preserved.*

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