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Thunderbird Dual Flame Lighter

(6 customer reviews)


This is our favorite lighter, at Cigars Daily. It has a convenient Dual flame (torch soft flame) for lighting and touching up cigars. And it is stylishly simple! We just love this lighter.

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The Thunderbird is one of the best, most innovative takes on the modern cigar lighter. Open it and it lights as a single flame tourch lighter. Let go of the torch ignition, and the flame turns to a soft flame, perfect for lighting cigars and pipes. This has become one of the favorite lighters for us over here at Cigars Daily.

Additional Information
Weight 0.25 lbs

2 jet flame, Select your own color finish, Adjustable flame dial, Butane refill nozzle, Convenient trigger action, DUAL FLAME (hard flame soft flame)

Reviews (6)

6 reviews for Thunderbird Dual Flame Lighter

  1. Carlton Probst

    The hard flame works fine the soft flame hardly ever works.

  2. andre triplett

    Nice concept but lighter leaks after first refil. Enjoyed it while it lasted.

    • Tim Swanson

      Andre, If you’re interested in a replacement, please shoot us an email to and we’ll get it traded out for you.

  3. andre triplett

    Update! Once again the customer service with these guys is incredible, I had an online issue and before I new it, the phone rang and they were on it. Two days later, i’m a happy camper.

  4. andre triplett

    The customer service with these guys is incredible. I had an online issue and before i knew it, the problem was resolved. Two days later, i’m a happy camper.

  5. Raymond Casola (verified owner)

    Great concept for a lighter but it stopped completely working after 2 days. Thought maybe it needed refilled but that wasn’t the case. Loved it while it lasted 🤷🏻‍♂️

    • Tim Swanson

      Raymond, we’ll gladly replace that lighter for you. This is something that happens from time to time. If you want to shoot us an email at we’ll process a replacement.

  6. kevinslick13 (verified owner)

    When I first saw this lighter I was really looking forward to getting it. When I received it it worked great! But when I went to go use it to smoke it was leaking the butane and causing HUGE flames. After the butane ran out and I purged the tank and refilled it, it never lit again. Really cool idea wish it lasted longer. :((((

    • Tim Swanson

      Thanks for your comment. We are glad to exchange your lighter. It’s my personal favorite lighter so I want everyone to have a good experience with it. Please shoot us an email at and we’ll help get you a replacement. -Tim

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