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The Filthy Viking Toro

(33 customer reviews)


We’re proud to introduce you to the Filthy Viking. This Honduran blend is one of the smoothest and creamiest we’ve found anywhere, which makes this stick one of the best beginner cigars and coffee pairing cigars we know! Grab some today and try the blend for yourself.


Together with Rocky Patel, we bring you The Filthy Viking. Surprisingly the flavor profile of this blend is anything but filthy! This Habano wrapped Toro (6 1/2×52) one of the smoothest light-medium bodied blends of buttery cream and caramel anywhere.

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Weight 1 lbs

6 1/2 x 52, Toro








Light – Medium

Reviews (33)

33 reviews for The Filthy Viking Toro

  1. Josh

    This cigar was quite impressive and every bit as buttery as you described. I am smoking one right now and I got to say wow this thing is tasty and so far my burn his razor sharp so in conclusion I have zero complaints and will be purchasing this fine cigar again for sure.

  2. Brent

    Amazing smoke paired it with some fine rum. Incredible! Highly recommend I’m very impressed.

  3. John Marshall

    Well consructed with smooth Habano wrapper, no large veins and a nice tripple cap.

    Very mild and smooth cigar. Pre-light aroma is of sweet tobacco. Tastes of cream, light pepper and a buttery finish throughout this smoke. Great with a good cup of coffee.

    I give it four stars because it is a great morning cigar or a great cigar for the beginner. Consistent all the way through.

  4. coyapplegate (verified owner)

    In the beginning of this smoke i got a slight peppery taste. After a few minutes of smoking it went into a creamy buttery taste that lasted. I loved it and will be ording this again.

  5. rjdaines (verified owner)

    I am comparing this cigar to other $8.50 sticks I have smoked. Appearance was wonderful, no noticeable flaws and the band was great. Pre-light the stick had a light tobacco, hay, and barnyard aroma which was enjoyable. The draw was quite loose after a straight cut. After light up the taste was very mellow (and stayed that way), I didn’t get the creamy notes but that may have been me still getting over a cold. The burn was good, not razor tight but did not require any touch ups. Ash held on reasonably well, The smoke time was fairly fast, about 90 minutes, as expected from the loose draw.
    Overall a very good stick but not a 5-star at the $8.50 price point.

    • Tim Swanson

      Thanks for a very helpful review! We rely on these to help keep the quality of our cigars up! I appreciate it! -Tim

  6. box.blaze85 (verified owner)

    I just finished off my first of these new sticks and i have to say it is a very well crafted stick in my opinion. On the dry draw i got a predominately sweet straight tobacco flavor, at first light i retrohaled most of the draw and got a very strong buttery taste. It took me a few puffs to really get all the full flavors. Very creamy flavor as well as a very creamy textured smoke, with a very good medium roast coffee flavor and very buttery notes on the retrohale. I am mostly a medium plus bodied guy but i found myself loving this stick. Great construction and overall good burn i did have to touch it up in the final third. I got about a 2hr smoke time which i like for a stick at this price point so good value for money there. I paired it with my medium roast coffee and i will say its a match made in heaven this is by far the best coffee pairing and early morning stick ive had so far. For me personally this is not an anytime smoke because i prefer more full bodied sticks during the day or in the afternoon but this is definitely my new go to morming coffee smoke. Overall for me its a 90-92 rated smoke. Very well done and very interesting buttery notes in this blend. For the price this is 5 star for me.

  7. A.T. Gunn

    I’m a beginner cigar smoker but I know what I hate. I don’t hate this stick. On the contrary I love it. The draw is just right to me and it’s as smooth as a baby’s backside. It has a good ash and so far an excellent burn. You’ve got yourself a definite fan.

  8. Jared (verified owner)

    Reminds me of the Fratello Oro. That stick is more forward with the butter, where as the viking has a tad more spice and musky barnyard type notes. Burn needed some minor touch-ups, and draw was consistent and on the looser end of normal. I’ll be buying more, made for a pleasant nightcap.

  9. cubz83 (verified owner)

    Very nice smooth creamy buttery flavor all throughout. I also got hints of wood,leather and caramel. I really enjoyed this stick with a nice cup of joe in the evening. The draw was perfect and almost a perfect burn as well. Thanks a lot cigars daily!

  10. Ralph Hatcher (verified owner)

    I have smoked two sticks so far. The first stick tested in my humidor one week before I smoked it and the second rested three weeks. Both had problems with the wrapper cracking and coming apart. The burn was uneven but not too terrible. I enjoyed the flavors and mild smoke.
    Other than the wrapper problems I really enjoyed the Filthy Viking. I would recommend it to anyone that’s asks me about it.
    I would like to see the Filthy Viking in a Robusto and/or Torro as well.
    I enjoy Cigars Daily on you tube. Great reviews and information.

    • Tim Swanson

      Thanks for your comment! We’re working on getting a Robusto on our shelves now!

  11. jose.fgaribay (verified owner)

    I recently purchased The Filthy Viking in Toro size and I really enjoyed the flavors that this cigar has. Both my brother and I are new to the cigar culture so my experience is quite low as far as the cigars I have smoked but thanks to Tim and his YouTube videos I have learned a lot. I had a good Burn very consistent throughout the entire cigar But using a wood match gave it a better taste I’m really looking forward to purchase a box soon I highly recommend this cigar if you’re a beginner.

  12. Ralph Hatcher (verified owner)

    When I said in my review that I would like to see the FV in a Robustos and or Torro I meant to say torpedo and Robustos.
    Thanks for a good cigar and great you tube videos

  13. mbrewer300

    Smoked my second Filthy Viking ever tonight after giving it about a month to chill in my Humidor. OMG! So good on so many levels! The smell out of the wrapper is incredible and the smoke itself is heavenly. Excellent draw and burn, super mellow creamy taste even on retrohale. No acidity or harshness at all. This is just a wonderfully smooth smoke. Definitely could be an everyday smoke for me. Absolutely worth the modest price. Thank you Cigars Daily for creating this incredible cigar.

  14. Jeff (verified owner)

    With all the hype I was really looking forward to this stick. Presentation was great and draw was fine. The flavor was good but the smoke wasn’t as creamy as I’d expect for the price point. My stick burned terribly uneven, especially compared to any other RP sticks I’ve smoked. I tried to let it burn it self straight but I needed to touch up/correct it 4 times to keep it from going out. I really wanted to like it but in this price point it should be better.

  15. jdennett40

    Smoked my first Filthy Viking last week. Have to say its an amazing cigar, smooth creamy smoke with mellow sweet tobacco and coffee notes. Gets stronger after the 1st 1/3 transitioning from a latte to more of a flat white. Honestly reminded me of a Cohiba Siglo ii. Smooth mellow smoke, a must for any beginner or medium bodied cigar lover

  16. aruiz (verified owner)

    Was a great smoke the only reason I gave it a 4 star review was the stick I smoked burn a little uneven ( could be me being a beginner I might not have lit it correctly? But have been smoking for a few months now having 1 cigar almost every day. But this is a very smooth cigar and mellow. And the wrapper started to unravel a little bit past the half way point but I was able to smoke through it and didn’t have any problems after that. I have 6 more resting in my humidor and they will be smoked and enjoyed for sure. Thanks Tim for the awesome reviews. It scored and 88 in my cigars daily journal.

  17. kerrymkee

    I finally got to try it! Ordered it back in December 2018, it was warm enough 50 degrees on the Eash Coast to smoke it outside. The Filthy Viking in toro delivered, it was smooth and creamy and quite a long smoke about, 2:10. I’m a new smoker and understand why its part of your beginner’s sampler.

  18. Fred (verified owner)

    I had high hopes for this stick but the draw was so loose that it was more of a hassle to smoke than an enjoyment. This also made it produce minimal smoke output. The flavor i did get out of it was enjoyable but it was just too hard to judge. I had to quit about a third of the way. I hate to give a negative review but at the same time thats the whole point is to give honest opinions. I would try it again and may order one and just hope this one was a flawed stick.

  19. danserrano16

    Enjoyed this Bad boy with some coffee this morning.
    Pick this up if you like smooth light body cigars.

  20. Trey Earnest (verified owner)

    I got this along with a couple of other lighter bodied cigars to help me narrow down what cigar I want to give my brother for his first stick. So far, I’m not sure if I need to try the other cigars I bought because this stick is fantastic. I normally don’t smoke lighter bodied cigars but this stick will be one of my new go to’s. It’s super smooth and has a nice creaminess to it. I’m looking forward to the next one I smoke.

  21. Charles (verified owner)

    Has that smooth, yet astringent/metallic quality that you get from drinking skim milk. I’d only tasted that in a Cuban Hoyo, but the F. Viking has the same thing going for it as well. There’s really a good amount of complexity to the blend, but the flavors aren’t very intense (solid med. bodied stick), so attention and quiet enjoyment are rewarded. Nice sweet and peppery finish ties everything together nicely. Interesting and delicious Habano — will be getting more!

  22. Will Lunny

    What a great stick! I had it with a little Jack and Coke. What a delightful flavor. Smooth, light, and just a touch sweet. Great draw. Only issue I had was I needed to touch it up a couple times due to a slightly uneven burn. As a new smoker this is my fav and I plan on getting a box to fill my humidor.

  23. 2Putt_4Sure (verified owner)

    After a long winter I just smoke the FV after a long winter nap. I was pleasantly surprised, this is a great tasting stick. It will definitely be in my humidor in the future. Nice move Cigars Daily!

  24. juanp82198

    Absolutely my favorite cigar. Amazing flavor amazing complexity amazing construction amazing burn not one thing I can say bad about it. So creamy so delicious I would buy box after box if I could!

  25. fontdragon (verified owner)

    This has to be one of my favorite sticks I’ve tried since getting into Cigars. I haven’t truly found any cigar atm that would meet my need to buy a box of it so far until this one. It’s smooth and smokey and just well creamy. It doesn’t leave your mouth feeling like it had an ashtray in it an hour later and it has one of the more pleasing aromas in the air while I smoke it.

  26. Chris

    Was given this stick as a recommendation from cigars daily staff. They were out of one of my favorites and called to tell me. I asked them to surprise me with something else and this was it. Man was I surprised. This has now easily become one of my favorites and will keep coming back for more. As someone new to cigars this is one that anyone can enjoy. Thank you!

  27. Jacob Wiley

    Just finished my first filthy viking today and the only disappointment I have from it is that I don’t have another one to smoke right after. It is also the first cigar i have ever smoked right down to the nub

  28. Jon (verified owner)

    Pure joy! Fantastic construction, creamy caramel taste, great burn!!!
    Great job Cigars Daily!!! Big fan!!!

  29. kristijan.talajic (verified owner)

    What a nice blend, smooth and creamy! If you are looking for a nice smoke, I would definitely suggest trying out this stick! Bought 1 to try and couldn’t regret more that I didn’t order more straight away… Next order will definitely be a box of 20!
    Great job Tim!!

  30. Greg (verified owner)

    The perfect golf course smoke. I’ve smoked 4 of these golfing and have never had to relight or touch up, they burn terrific. Great flavor.

  31. jack252525 (verified owner)

    Was really hoping for that creamy cigar but unfortunately a lot of the cigar was bitter. Only near the end of the stick did I finally hit creamy. Burn was uneven and had to touch it up twice. The draw with tight and I had a hard time getting a lot of smoke. This is pretty much how it was after smoking three of these. To many bitter sections.

    • Tim Swanson

      Oh no! bitter is absolutely not what the Filthy Viking is about! I hope you’ll give another one a shot at some point man!

  32. Geoff Rapier

    Overall, a great medium cigar. That being said, it was WAY stronger than most other Connecticuts I’ve tried. This cigar is great for someone wanting to branch out to maduros and other medium cigars to see if those are something they like. The Viking I tried was quite strong and spicy! Very rich with strong cocoa flavor. La Galera and Oliva were so buttery and tame compared to this one!

  33. Judd Rooks (verified owner)

    My new favorite stick. Got one of these in a sampler and was blown away. It was full of flavor from start to finish. If you like creamy and buttery this one is for you. It’s rare for me to want more after I finish a toro. I’m mad I don’t have another. Will be ordering a box this week for sure. I hope these stay around forever!!

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