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Rico Barato Cigars

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Rico Barato sets out to match rich flavor with an affordable shelf price. If you’re looking for a daily smoke that comes in three rich wrappers.


Rico Barato is less of a historical person and more of an idea. The names ‘Rico’ (Spanish for ‘Rich’), and Barato (Spanish for ‘Affordable’) both hit one a dream we had at Cigars Daily to offer a blend that has rich robust flavor, and is entirely affordable as an everyday smoke. Rico Barato comes in 3 wrappers (Connecticut, Cameroon, and Maduro), each with it’s own bend on rich flavor. The Connecticut offers creamy earthy grass and hay notes. The Cameroon is earthy with notes of wood, nuts, and earth. The Maduro is bold with dark chocolate and coffee notes. These sticks are well constructed Cuban sandwiches with consistently premium flavor.

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Dominican & Nicaraguan (Cuban Sandwich)


Mellow – Full

Reviews (32)

32 reviews for Rico Barato Cigars

  1. Nolan R Stratton (verified owner)

    I have tried all th three wrappers and all of them were pretty good.

    Just as Tim says in his videos, this won’t knock your socks off. Still a great stick if you are moving around, mowing the lawn, etc.

    Put some in your humidor. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. ebaybuyer512 (verified owner)

    Just had the maduro churchill and I was stunned on how perfect the burn and smoke was. The flavors reminded me of an old, dusty attic filled with cedar boxes and leather couch covers. The slight sweetness from the foot smoke made a pleasant combination of a classic “grandpa” cigar and a “fumas” of a good blend. Extremely light weight and had absolutely no issues with the draw. Paired well with a lime flavored La Croix. Definitely recommend for a fun and interesting smoking experience.

  3. timothyjlabrie (verified owner)

    Overall taste of the cigar was great. I bought the Maduros and it was not as strong as previous Maduros I have had. It was a smooth smoke and I really enjoyed it. Shared one with a buddy and he really enjoyed it as well. Only reason I rated it 4 stars was because the cap on mine was torn and as I smoked it, the wrapper began to unravel. I was able to still smoke but had to work a little to keep it on. I will be trying the other wrappers soon!

  4. Christian

    I went to smoke the maduro torpedo last night after storing it in my humidor for several weeks. As I removed it from the wrapper, I was overwhelmed with a dirt/mildew odor. I did not see any mildew, so I cut it and took a few draws, which tasted just like it smelled. It was completely incapable of being smoked. I then checked all of the other cigars stored in the same humidor, for the same amount of time, and ensured no other cigar smelled like mildew. I decided to smoke the Obrigado, which was enjoyable, but was stilled bummed about the Rico Barato. If I had enjoyed it, I would have purchased the newly released cigarillos. That won’t be happening.

    • Tim Swanson

      Thank you for commenting. We’ll be looking into our current Rico Barato stock to make sure that there are none going out that smell like Mildew. Thank you for letting us know!

  5. gettyeti

    I found the Maduro version of this stick to be a pleasant surprise. I expected a very simple flavor profile due to the low price, however I was quite pleased to see that every third had it’s own flavor. Overall a true bargain, as I’ve had cigars double this price that didn’t come close to this one.

  6. Thomas Ihle

    Tried to smoke a Rico Barrato Cameroon that was in Sampler #2 received several weeks ago and just could not get it to smoke, just as if it was packed too tight. The humidor is 72%. Even poking through with a small Phillips screwdriver did little to help the draw and could not keep it lit. Finally I just gave up and threw it it out. Then a box-pressed Rebellion was lit up for a delightful afternoon smoke. This was a major disappointment, but then, life is seldom perfect.

  7. Nicco Punzalan

    Smoking the camaroon that came in the barrel bundle.

    Honestly I’m quite surprised. It’s a very good and mellow cigar. I’ll probably fill a humidor with them for a good everyday smoke or to give to friends.

  8. Micah

    Very light cigar, I smoked the camaroon, and the smoke was very smooth and pleasant. I wish the flavor was slightly easier to pick up, but overall I picked up on a grassy/hay note with earthy finish. I was pleased because the finish didn’t leave your mouth dry, but like all cigars it left just a small after taste of tabacco. Overall it’s worth the money for the construction.

  9. Richard Crawford

    Had my first Rico barato Connecticut in the beginners pack that Tim recommended for me and I absolutely loved it!!! Used his signature V cutter and wow…the taste the draw and smoke out put was amazing. Great stick and am definitely recommending for my friends.

  10. pete sehremelis

    The rico burato is a great cigar, it has the smoothness and great taste of alot of the high priced cigars i smoked for less then half the price. I highly recommend the Rico Burato.

  11. greg1

    I’ll begin with I’m a novice cigar smoker, so I purchased the bargain bundle because I want to try different cigars until I figure out what I like. I really enjoyed this cigar it was easy to smoke it stayed lit and I liked the flavor. I hope the other cigars in the bundle are as good.

  12. Matthew Smith (verified owner)

    I smoked the Connecticut Rico the other day. While the smoke was good, there was an almost overwhelming bitterness on the cap. It took the pleasure of smoking it way down. I will try the others, but will find it difficult to come back to the Connecticut

  13. Peter Grillo (verified owner)

    Excellent cigar for the price or otherwise. I approached the cigar with an unbiased and unassuming attitude to find that the only problem with the cigar is that I couldn’t rewind time and smoke it all over again. 10/10 would buy again and again for an extremely economic and equally quality smoke.

  14. Michael Mc crossan

    I love this cigar. Really good smoke. Good even burn from light up to finish. Highly recommend this cigar. U will Def order a bundle of these when I get a larger humidor.

  15. Johnny Mac

    I got to tip my hat to this cigar. Being a short filler budget friendly stick I didn’t have high expectations, but I was very surprised. The burn was perfect the whole way, no relights and not a bad flavor profile. It doesn’t hit my top ten list but absolutely in the wheel house for working around the yard. I had the Cameroon. Flavor didn’t change much, hay, earth, woody, with great smoke output. A great beginner or budget friendly stick.

  16. kyleparsons2001 (verified owner)

    Just tried the Maduro Robusto and was instantly hooked. I’m relatively new to cigars and this was my first Maduro. Excellent smooth flavor, especially when paired with my morning coffee. Perfect burn – didn’t have to touch it up once. Draw was great, excellent smoke output. The reason I’m giving it 4 and not 5 is because it consistently gave a large amount of smoke output from the foot when it was set down between puffs. Overall, i think it was a great cigar, and far better than ones double or even triple the price. I’ll definitely be buying a stock of these for my humidor.

  17. cam5fc

    I had the Cameroon from the sampler. Overall, I’d say for the value it is worth the try.I cannot say that I’ll be having any more, but for a value cigar, you can’t feel like you’ve thrown your money away, like you could with other value cigars.

    The construction was pretty good and the burn was alright. Need some retouches here and there. The flavor was also consistent, not totally off-putting,but certainly not impressing either.

  18. canderson1434

    I’m a beginner smoker and I thought this was one of the more pleasant cigars I have smoked. It had light pepper and a very creamy final third. I’m not sure if it was the Maduro or Cameroon wrapper though, do you guys put different color stickers on them depending what wrapper it has? Overall very pleasant cheaper everyday cigar.

  19. justin bean

    Wasn’t sure how this cigar would turn out since it was labeled a Cuban sandwich . I was impressed by the constution of this cigar and felt that Tim would not sell a cheap cigar and had some luck recently with his line of exclusives, The cigar I smoke was a Cameroon toro and had a nice floral and citrus taste from the beginning and fell into a coffee and earth on second third.Cigar burned over 90 mins too. Two thumbs up for me !!!

  20. daleemcmahon

    I have just smoked the 2 nd Rico Barrett in the sampler pack #2 and I must say it’s a great $2 smoke!! I have a humidor full of $8-14 smokes but hate to waste them on a mid morning or afternoon smoke! This fills the bill for a relaxing smoke without worry about price and long humidor time!!

  21. owler33uk

    Got in a sampler bundle, the taste was fine if uninspiring, but the draw was abysmal due to the tight pack and a huge knot near the foot. As it was almost unsmokable I’m afraid I have to grade accordingly.

  22. Mark (verified owner)

    I bought several of the Baratos . While the flavor was ok the cigar construction was very disappointing. The wrapper started peeling off if you looked at it hard. Pieces of the wrapper were missing when I removed it from the cellophane. There was nothing in the cellophane so I assume it was placed there like that. I smoke outdoors and a slight breeze breaks up the wrapper. The wrapper at the cut breaks up and it is like smoking a hairy cigar. Unfortunately even with a decent flavor the wrapper made this an unpleasant smoke. The burn was ok only needed one adjustment.

  23. howardcruthers (verified owner)

    Got a 6 pack of maduros. The first two were no good. I couldn’t even keep them lit. I’ve had the cameroon, and it was good. These are unsmokeable. I’ll keep the last 4 to give away to friends who don’t smoke much.

  24. gabrielmgomez8 (verified owner)

    Great for a $2.60 stick. I got the Connecticut robustos in a 6 pack and it was nice for what it was. Would recommend.

  25. theFrozenFig (verified owner)

    Tried the Maduro as I was mowing the lawn good flavor and decent burn (even though it started raining). I am impressed Tim choose a good blend for this affordable stick.

  26. evans.goff

    I picked up the Cameroon and the Maduro in a sampler pack. I really loved the Cameroon, pleasant smoke with lots of flavor! The Maduro I enjoyed was a little flat, and there were lots of cracks in the wrapper, and trying to remove the label proved difficult. Still provided me a good smoke while I read my book after a long day. I’m chalking the Maduro to a lemon and still would give these wonderful budget smokers 4 stars because for what I paid, I couldn’t really ask more from that Cameroon. Kudos to Cigars Daily, and to the staff who run it.

  27. Anthony Roque (verified owner)

    Liked the Connecticut loved the Cameroon. Can’t beat it for the price.

  28. Alexsander Verdin

    Im new to cigars and i have to say this is one of my absolute favorites so far. A nice sweetness through the whole smoke. Very smooth flavors of cedar and lightly nutty. Great stick for a biggner and great stick for an everyday smoke.

  29. Richard (verified owner)

    I picked up a 6-pack of each of the wrappers, and so far, I am finding that they are very inconsistent in nature. The first I had (wish I would have kept notes) had an issue with keeping the wrapper on, as it began unraveling as I was smoking it. Now tonight, I lit a maduro, and it was consistently losing its draw. I gave up and broke it open, only to find white spots on the filler, and the filler was very moist… almost to the point of saying it was wet. Not sure, but I think this line of cigars needs to be re-thought and maybe a new company needs to be brought in to produce them. I am new to cigar smoking, and was hoping to find something, as Tim puts it, that can be a rich man’s cigar on a student’s budget…. maybe I did something wrong… I’m unsure.

  30. Paul

    Had tears throughout the wrapper and couldn’t get a good draw. It also had a mildew-like taste through the half I could get through. I’m positive this was just a random bad stick. But I’m not sure I’ll try it again. Bummer because I wanted a bundle of the Poco Tiempos. Still love Cigars Daily!

  31. drscotto (verified owner)

    While CigarsDaily is a great site for cigar orders, I cannot recommend the Rico Barato. I purchased a 6 pack and had to throw all of them away. I could not draw from a single one of them and they each fell apart in my hand. I was hoping this would be a great option for a low price cigar, but I will look at other options here. Unfortunately, I would recommend anyone considering this cigar look at something else instead.

  32. Jonathan O’Leary (verified owner)

    I love these cigars! They are great for an every-day working outside kind of stick. I would give these 5 stars, but I have had a couple of these guys perform pretty badly in the smoke output. The draw seemed to be fine and the humidity was only at 70% so I don’t know what causes this. Otherwise, great buy! I will continue to keep these stocked to share with new smokers and to smoke myself. Thanks Tim!

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