Muestra De Saka NLMTHA Lancero (7×38)


In Nicaragua, the common word for “sample” is “muestra.” The word is of special importance in the cigar industry because a muestra is the tangible representation of an idea that started in the mind of the blender; the fire to the spark. Now you can sample some of the best blends that Steve Saka, who’s considered royalty within the cigar community, has to offer. The NLMTHA is the first lancero Saka has blended since the Liga Privada L40, and it boasts brilliant complex notes of pepper, spice, wood, vanilla, cream, and bitter chocolate. If you have ever smoked a Steve Saka blend, you know that you are in for a treat here! If you haven’t, grab yourself a NLMTHA today and take your taste buds on a ride!

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