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Liga Zebra Barber Poles

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The Liga Zebra is a Cigars Daily Exclusive that combines a robust flavor profile (with notes of cedar, cream, earth, and nuts) with a smooth finish and lots of smoke output. It’s one of our most tried and true blends, and the fine men and women of the Cigars Daily Nation have made it one of the top selling and best reviewed cigars in the Cigars Daily Humidor.


Barber Poles have always represented the balance between smooth an bold. Cigar makers all over the world strive to achieve the best of both worlds with their blends. At we scoured the market for a barber pole that achieved that outstanding balance. That’s what the Liga Zebra is – a bold, smooth, perfectly balanced cigar with notes of cedar, vanilla, cream, and nuts.

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Honduran EMS & Maduro




Dominican & Honduran


Mellow – Medium

Reviews (20)

20 reviews for Liga Zebra Barber Poles

  1. bradleym.murray

    My favorite cigar at the moment!

    • Tim Swanson

      Thanks! We’re pretty happy with it too!

  2. Kipp Dochnahl (verified owner)

    The Zebra is a great stick!! It’s just a super creamy and smooth smoke at a price that won’t break the bank. I feel like 90% of cigar smokers would enjoy this cigar.

  3. Heath Weaver (verified owner)

    Hands down one of the best cigars I have ever had. Great flavor Great smoke nice even burn cant ask for anything more! Oh and what a appearance!

    • Tim Swanson

      Thanks for your review!

  4. Nolan R Stratton

    Creamy, smooth, looks awesome!

    I’ve bought several for myself and friends.

    Anytime of day cigar.

  5. jgar5365 (verified owner)

    I may not be as experienced as others; however, I will say this was a very enjoyable cigar. As others have stated, it is very smooth, the smoke from it is great, and overall makes for a very enjoyable experience. Definitely plan on getting more of these down the line.

  6. b22jag (verified owner)

    Just wanted to say how impressed i’ve been with the Liga Zebras. I’ve had several so far and haven’t had a SINGLE problem! Great burn, consistent, smooth. I have no second thoughts about recommending these to ANYONE! My favorite barber pole so far!

  7. jbroussard55 (verified owner)

    Great cigar with excellent construction . Flavor is smooth with great notes.

  8. John Krock (verified owner)

    Great stick for the price, so far my favorite for the house blends. This is 100% better then my experience with the tiger. I will be buying this cigar again. It was creamy and a mellow smoke for me. I love full bodied cigars so this might be stronger for some. I would recommend this to anyone. I see why Tim says this is a go to for cigars daily.

  9. s.millhouse

    Excellent tasting stick. Had to correct the burn a few times between layers but great flavor all around. Great for the patio after dinner.

  10. Kyle Parsons (verified owner)

    The draw on mine was rather tight and I wasn’t able to get much smoke at all. I had to do two quick puffs followed by a long third to get a decent amount of smoke, but that overheated the cigar. Great flavor, but halfway through it was almost unsmokeable.

    *Edit: There was a knot in the middle, now that I’m past that point, draw is perfect and great smoke output. Much better now.

  11. Stan

    Perfect first stick of the day. Smooth and creamy goes well with good coffee or a beer – yep great with a good beer actually went well with a mild IPA the creamy nutty flavor of the zebra balanced the slight bitterness of the hops. This stick is going on my must have a box at all times list

  12. piereschim

    Tried to smoke this cigar tonight and found it to have an almost impossible draw as if the tobacco was packed too tightly. Even after poking it with a key to increase the draw I got nothing. This stick was a part of the 8-pack sampler so I will probably not purchase again individually. So far it has been the only disappointment thus far from the sampler pack.

  13. enebobrent

    Amazing cigar! Probably one of the best I have smoked in a long time. It is smooth, yet complex & bold. I need to order more!!


  14. Bill

    I am very impressed and I truly underestimated this cigar it has a nice flavor and it burned beautifully.

  15. evans.goff

    This was a pretty good smoke, but not for the price. I Picked this up as part of a sampler. Smooth draw and it did the job. Would buy again if it were to go on sale.

  16. James Marciano

    Not a fan. I got this in a sampler and I wanted to be a fan but after just one I can’t. Maybe it wasn’t the norm for this stick but it never had an even burn. The 1st 3rd had a nice draw and lots of smoke but quickly changed. I wanted to see if the burn evened out but it never did. I touched it up but it kept going catiwampus.I ended up walking away from it. I was disappointed because Tim’s review was so good.

  17. Justin Rhodes (verified owner)

    Well, overall the flavor was GREAT! However, the burn and draw were pretty bad. Very little smoke output, had to puff at least 3 times to get a good draw. Also, going into the last 3rd it started to unwrap and eventually became too loose to smoke. Pretty bummed out. I’d love to try another though. If it wouldn’t have fallen apart on me and had a better draw, it would’ve been 5 stars!

  18. rshoochsr

    Got this in a sample pack and I must say it started with a nice mellow creamy flavor but not to creamy in the first 3rd. Second 3rd the flavor picked up but not too strong but a nice change over a plane Connecticut. The last 3rd tasted a bit more like your standard medium flavored stick that wasn’t overly strong. All in all I would say this falls in a nice any time type of smoke especially if you are on a budget. Only 4 stars just because it didnt have that wow factor but at the same time I wasn’t expecting it to have that wow factor. As far as the one I recieved the draw and burn was good only had to correct it once. If you are a budget minded aficionado smoker I feel this would be a good start.

  19. michaelmccrossan24 (verified owner)

    Received my ligas earlier this week in Ireland 🇮🇪.. delivery excellent as always. Beautiful cigar from construction to smoking the cigar I was really impressed.

  20. Theman0522

    Very nice looking cigar. Smooth taste and nice aroma. Nice draw

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