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Jungle Stripes Barber Poles

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Don’t get caught off guard. Jungle Stripes are always on the prowl. Taste the robust flavor of these dual wrapped cigars in 5 sizes – Exclusively on



This blend waits patiently in tall thickets for the perfect moment to strike at your taste buds. Get assaulted with smooth natural and Maduro and EMS (Natural) flavors of wood, leather, and nuts with a spicy sweetness on the retrohale. There is so much flavor in these cats, you better not turn your back on them. They’re also priced to move. We’re excited to carry these! Afterall it’s not every day you find a barber pole that’s affordable enough to be a daily smoke.

Additional Information
Weight N/A

Ecuadorian Shade & San Andreas Maduro


Cuban seed Dominican




Mellow – Medium

Reviews (8)

8 reviews for Jungle Stripes Barber Poles

  1. Andy (verified owner)

    Great tasting, full of flavor , good draw, and some what smooth to finish, can’t wait to try zebra for comparison

    • Tim Swanson

      So glad you like it! And we think you’ll LOVE the Zebra!

  2. Nolan R Stratton (verified owner)

    Jungle Stripes and Liga Zebra, similar in look, different experience from both.

    Lots of flavor that doesn’t overwhelm the pallet.

    Plus it looks badass smoking one!

  3. Richard Ladd

    I’m currently smoking it as I’m writing this review, had to give some feed back ASAP, I was pleasantly surprised with the Jungle stripe, I expected it to be good but it out did my expectations, smooth and creamy, great everyday smoke!!

  4. John Krock

    A decent smoke for the price. I unfortunately had one that had to be touched up alot and went out a few times randomly. For that I rate this with 3 stars. Hoping it was just a bad stick. It would not shy me away from trying it another time because the flavor was good. Mellow to medium bodied with leather tones and very very smooth. Was very surprised by the flavor. Just dont get your hopes up that it will be perfect. It is definitely worth trying at the price range that Tim said in the videos.

  5. gettyeti

    A great stick at a great price. Jungle stripes may just become a daily smoke in my rotation

  6. derikp58 (verified owner)

    Just finished this cigar and it is an amazing cigar. I will always have a couple of these cigars in my humidor. It it a very smooth cigar that is full of flavor. Great for new smokers and veterans alike!

  7. thomas_banes

    When I first pulled this stick out of the cellophane and smelled the foot, it didn’t smell pleasant at all. It smelled like the tobacco was not aged enough… (like a huge pile of fresh cut grass). Not a good sign. However, when I lit it up, it actually had pretty decent flavors, thankfully.

    I still think it needed either significantly more humidor time (it had 2 weeks in mine), or it needed more pre/post roll aging.

  8. rwc12189 (verified owner)

    Same burn issues with my stick. Wrapper felt very dry and smell was not that appealing. Flavors were ok but for my FIRST barber pole it was a bit of a let down. Can’t be too upset for the price though. Going to try the liga zebra next. I’m sure it’ll be better.

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