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Jetline Gargoyle Double Blade Cutter

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The Gargoyle cutter is a cigar cutting machine! It’s sturdy, reliable, and absolutely stylish with a Gargoyle themed steel design.

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Jetline is one of the best economy brands of lighters on the planet. They match superior quality in cigar accessories with outstanding quality. Their lighters and cutters are the go-to items for many cigar smokers, who rely on them for their excellent performance time and time again.

The Gargoyle Double Blade Cutter is Jetline’s ultra-durable, German steel, cigar cutting MACHINE. The blades in this cutter are sourced from some of the finest steel in the world. The blades will continually cut your cigars with precision each and every time!

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Weight 0.25 lbs

German steel blades, Carved gargoyle design

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