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Habano Clasico Toro Bundle of 20

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Made just for the budget minded aficionado, these cuban sandwiches are the perfect ‘working on the yard’ sticks.

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These sticks aren’t winning any awards for exquisite flavor, but they don’t mind. That’s not why they were made. The Habano Clasicos are a dominican blend with good flavor, and they’re made for one purpose – to be a good daily smoke for budget minded aficionados. Grab a bundle of these today, and find security in the fact that you can smoke’em, drop them under your lawn mower, give them away, or do anything else with them and there’ll always be another affordable Habano Clasico sitting in your humidor waiting for you.

Additional Information
Weight 1.9 lbs

6×50, Toro






Dominican (80% Long-filler/20% Short Filler)



Reviews (4)

4 reviews for Habano Clasico Toro Bundle of 20

  1. Johnny Mac

    Not a bad bundle economy stick at all! Great burn no touch ups needed. Pretty one dimensional just a earthy taste for me. But I was really impressed with the smoke out put. If your looking for a bundle economy stick I would definitely recommend these.

  2. John

    This is the best value cigar I’ve found anywhere. Good draw, good taste and great burn. I’m stocking up at this price!

  3. balazs.kudelasz

    Got this one in the batgain bundle. Its is nice, burns nice, but maaan its like licking dirt. I mean i get it, its cheap. I don’t mind that is a sandwich, but hey you gotta smoke this with some whiskey or something 🙂 gets a 4 because i need to rate it for what it is.

  4. Mike Lindsay

    I’ve been buying the Churchill version of these cigars for a while. Love em for a budget stick. Good even burns, stays lit. Great flavor for the budget. Recently I got the Toro’s as I had a thought, I don’t normally have enough time for a Churchill.cigars. The Toro’s just don’t burn well, and have very inconsistent flavor. Constantly having to relight the toro’s and touch them up as they burn unevenly. Spend the few extra $ to get the Churchills, will be glad you did.

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