FLVR Unicorn Tears Petit Corona (5×42)


The brand new FLVR line of infused cigars are here! Ogres, leprechauns, mermaids – one mythological creature stands above them all; the unicorn! Ah, yes, the mighty unicorn, with its majestic horn and gorgeous flowing mane, the unicorn evokes renderings of purity, freedom, and magnificence. What exactly would one have to do to make a unicorn cry? Pass on trying the new Unicorn Tears by FLVR! These new FLVR cigars are composed of premium tobacco from an undisclosed location. The Unicorn Tears tastes of brown sugar, sparkles, butter, double rainbows,  chocolate, and childlike wonder. Premium tobacco flavor with a twist of infusion! Experience the splendor of the Unicorn Tears and exciting taste of FLVR!

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