FLVR Ski Chalet Petit Corona (5×42)


The brand new FLVR line of infused cigars are here! Time to hop on the lift and hit the slopes! The powder is perfect, Duran Duran is playing in the cassette deck of your 1983 Econoline Club Wagon, and you’ve got your favorite neon ski suit on. After you’re done beating those losers from the ski patrol in a downhill race to the death on Widowmaker Mountain, head back to the lodge and light up the brand new Ski Chalet. These new FLVR cigars are composed of premium tobacco from an undisclosed location. This blend offers delicious notes of caramel and cinnamon, and legend holds that it even tastes of cool crisp mountain air. Premium tobacco flavor with a twist of infusion! Nothing caps of a day on the slopes better than the new and exciting taste of FLVR!

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