FLVR Fist Bump Petit Corona (5×42)


The brand new FLVR line of infused cigars are here! Do you still think that a nice firm handshake is the preferred friendly greeting for strangers and compadres alike? Well, the fine folks over at FLVR would politely disagree, and they would do it while extending their clenched fists in a warm and cordial manner. Handshakes are so pre-2020 anyway, right? Now, you can shake and bake with your besties with a FLVR Fist Bump in your hand! These new FLVR cigars are composed of premium tobacco from an undisclosed location. What does the Fist Bump taste like you ask? It tastes like throwing a jab through a birthday cake! Sweet vanilla frosting fists bro! Premium tobacco flavor with a punch of infusion! Grab yourself a fist full of the new Fist Bump and the exciting taste of FLVR!

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