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Dog Rockets Connecticut

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These Dog Rockets are itching to become your new daily smoke. Try them in a 5-pack or 10-pack right now, then you’ll be able to buy them by the bundle soon! They’re tasty and easy on the wallet.


Dog Rockets are a premium long-filler blend of various Dominican tobaccos. That being said, we’re not counting these Dog Rockets getting any 90 ratings anytime soon. These sticks are designed to be affordable and tasty. They’re the kind of sticks you look forward to smoking while you mow the lawn, walk the dog, or sit around a campfire. They’re as good as they are affordable. Dog Rockets are the perfect daily smoke.

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Reviews (7)

7 reviews for Dog Rockets Connecticut

  1. Tiffany T (verified owner)

    Amazing! Perfect smooth smoke, defiantly going to buy more in future it’s my favorite house blend so far😎

    • Tim Swanson

      We’re thrilled that you like the Premium Dog Rockets so much!!! Thank you for leaving this review.

  2. andrewjustnes (verified owner)

    Just got into cigars, and only have a few educated smokes done. That being said, I had this for the first time and it was very pleasant smoke. I’m glad I got 12, because I will definitely be smoking all of them. I gave one to a friend of mine, who has much more experience in cigars than I do. He said it was a very good cigar, as well.

  3. gettyeti

    I found this cigar very enjoyable. The flavor was simple, but very pleasant and got better and better the further down it burned. Also worth mentioning is the burn, as mine burned excellently and required no touch ups. Good cigar, great price.

  4. rwc12189 (verified owner)

    Awesome stick!! Great draw, good smoke production, and burn was razor sharp. It’s amazing how this cigar smoked better than other sticks I used to pay double or triple the amount for. Definitely a good beginner cigar and would recommend this to a friend. Cigars daily never disappoints with backing their products. Keep it up you guys!!! -RC

  5. Jason

    Tried a few different cigars from the beginners pack with some friends and for the price this one was a standout and better than some more expensive ones. Has a nice mellow flavor with beautiful grassy notes. Definitely recommend if just getting into cigars. Well done!

  6. aruiz

    Smoking this now I received it in a sample pack and I got to say its very good smoke gonna order a pack. Great job Tim! Also put it in my cigars daily journal which for a newbie is helping out alot.

  7. Bob

    I really enjoyed this cigar… I got 2 of these smokes in a multi pack I purchased that Tim recommended for beginners and it’s one of my favorites! As a matter of fact it scored a 95 in my cigars daily score book. I sure hope these are always available… ordering more soon!

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