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Dog Rockets Cameroon

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These Dog Rockets are itching to become your new daily smoke. Try them in a 5-pack or 10-pack right now, then you’ll be able to buy them by the bundle soon! They’re tasty and easy on the wallet.


Dog Rockets are a premium long-filler blend of various Dominican tobaccos. That being said, we’re not counting these Dog Rockets getting any 90 ratings anytime soon. These sticks are designed to be affordable and tasty. They’re the kind of sticks you look forward to smoking while you mow the lawn, walk the dog, or sit around a campfire. They’re as good as they are affordable. Dog Rockets are the perfect daily smoke.

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Reviews (5)

5 reviews for Dog Rockets Cameroon

  1. Nolan R Stratton

    I’ve only tried two of them, but they were very tasty.

    I think of a dog’s genitalia when I seethe name.

    All that aside, this is a great cigar that’s worth the price.

  2. captainnibby (verified owner)

    Quite honestly the best house brand I’ve had anywhere so far. Ordered a 6 pack and one had a kind of ugly wrapper, but they taste and burn great! Haven’t tried other wrappers or sizes yet but these Cameroon wrapped robustos are great!

  3. litonfire88 (verified owner)

    Ordered one robusto out of curiosity and loved it. I will be ordering more!

  4. maxlimousine (verified owner)

    For the price an overall good stick just finished smoking one right now and I have to agree good flavors and perfect burn. Highly recommend it for an everyday simple smoke.

  5. Jesse “sin8800” (verified owner)

    This cigar surprised me. At first I thought “should I even smoke a cigar that’s called Dog poop?” but I love trying house blends for exactly this reason. The burn and draw was absolutely perfect. Definitely not a mixed filler because the ash held on for three inches. The foot smoke aroma was a little harsh, but the flavors were very pleasant. The first half had notes of salty cedar wood and mild coffee, then escalated to bitter coffee and vanilla. The saltiness made my mouth water throughout the first 20 minutes so I paired it with a cup of Las Hermanas from Pete’s. Overall, I’m looking forward to trying the Connecticut and highly recommend this stick.

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