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Digital Hygrometer

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Want a affordable way to check on the Humidity of your Humidor. This digital Hygrometer is the way to go gives you the humidity and temperature in celsius or Fahrenheit. Grab one today and have an easy way to make sure your cigars are at the right humidity and Temperature.

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Digital Hygrometers usually cost 20-25 dollars, but they give you excellent accuracy. Our Digital Hygrometer gives you the same great accuracy but at a fraction of the cost. Measures Humidity within 3% accuracy.

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Weight 0.1 lbs

-Circular Design -Displays Temperature and Humidity -Long lasting Battery Life (Battery included)

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1 review for Digital Hygrometer

  1. enebobrent

    I have used this particular hygrom for quite a few years now and it has done a great job. I recently had to change the battery, but it lasted from when I bought it, until like 2 weeks ago. I highly recommend it. Never had any issues with it and you can get a battery anywhere you can buy watch batteries.


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