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Crux Variety Sampler

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Crux makes craft cigars with careful attention to detail in preserving the Cuban styles of cigar making that have captivated the world. Now you can get four of their most popular blends that come in old Cuban styles such as the Marblehead and Ninfa. Add this sampler to your cart today, and see why aficionados are flocking to Crux.

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From the website of Crux Cigars, “At Crux Cigars, we believe cigars build friendships and community uniting people from all walks of life. They allow people to relax from the stressors of life and sort out the challenges we face. Cigars allow us to celebrate the moments that matter most. Cigars reward us for our successes and help us accept our failures.

This is why we are committed to building premium cigars of the highest quality and value. Each of our blends are developed with skill and craftsmanship that we hope you will agree, result in a great smoking experience.

As cigar smokers, we have a passion for cigars and what they bring to our lives.

As manufacturers, we strive to develop new cigars for the underserved markets and service our retail partners with the greatest respect.”

Additional Information
Weight .4 lbs
Sampler comes with

(Pictured from left to right)
– Bull & Bear Marblehead Gordo (6×60)
– Guild Toro (6×50)
– Ninfamaniac (7×33)
– Ninfamaniax Dark (7×33)


Medium – Full

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