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Colibri Daytona Torch Lighter


The Triple Flame super torch Torch is like the poor man’s Bently. It has an ultra-affordable price, with outstanding performance. It’s affordable enough that you can carry it around without worrying about losing it, and it’s nice enough that you could give it to a friend as a gift.


From Colibri’s website, “The Daytona is inspired by the thrilling and precise action of auto racing. Built using state-of-the-art technology, the Daytona powers a robust single-jet flame located at the top center of the body. Ignited by the single-action push trigger located on the right, the flame is fueled by the large reservoir on the left, which is positioned vertically to increase overall fuel capacity to 50% above our average single-jet lighter—requiring less frequent pit stops for fuels.

The tank is also reflectively tinted blue for quick fuel level readings. On the front and back of the body are six air intake vents to feed the flame with plenty of oxygen. At the bottom, the large spiraled brass fuel adjuster makes going full throttle effortless.”

Additional Information
Weight 0.25 lbs

– Easy-to-use fuel adjuster
– Extra large fuel capacity
– Single-action ignition system
– Single-jet flame
– Wind resistant
– Altitude tested up to 12,000 (3,657m)
– Extra large full-view fuel tank
– Refillable butan

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