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CD Exclusive 2-Finger Carrying Case

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This sturdy carrying case is perfect for your night out with friends. Bring along any two sticks from your humidor as this case fits any cigars up to 8×62. Know that your cigars are safe, and get our two most popular blends while you’re at it!

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This Leather textured 2-Finger Carrying case comes with 1x Filthy Viking Toro (6 1/2×52) and 1x Obrigado Toro (6×52). It’s the perfect companion for travelling with your cigars in style. The hardy case design protects your sticks from being crushed, cracked, or otherwise damaged.

Additional Information
Weight .5 lbs

1x Lotus 2 Finger Carrying case
1x Filthy Viking Toro (6 1/2×52)
1x Obrigado Toro (6×52)

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