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Bargain Barrel Bundle No. 2

(21 customer reviews)

$39.04 $29.99

This collection features 6 pairs of very affordable cigars that will please your taste buds without breaking the bank. Right now, grab them at a healthy discount!

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The only thing better than enjoying a heritage tradition like cigars is knowing that you got a great deal. That’s why we put together this bargain bundle with some of the best Cuban sandwiches and long-filler cigars on the market. Here’s a rundown of what you’re getting. The Habano Clasico is a long-filler cigar made completely with Dominican tobacco, and it offers good straightforward Connecticut cigar flavor. The Box-Pressed Rebellion is a Cigars Daily Exclusive that is quickly becoming one of our most popular blends. It’s a Nicaraguan puro with smooth medium bodied flavor. The Schizo is a Cuban-sandwich made by Asylum Cigars. It is easily one of the most popular economic cigars on the market right now. The Rico Barato Cameroon is another Cigars Daily Excluisve. This one is also a Cuban-sandwich with some of the most consistent and quality flavor you will find in an economy cigar. The Vigilante is a Cuban-sandwich that’s made with some of the best tobacco in the world. This bundled stick is wildly popular with cigar smokers on a budget. The Reserva Dorada is the essence of affordable. It’s a Cuban-sandwich that is made with 50% short filler and 50% long filler. It’s not an overly complex flavor, but its consistant.

Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs

6×50, Toro

Sampler includes

(pictured from left to right)
– 2x Habano Clasico Connecticut Toros
– 2x Box-Pressed Rebellion Toros
– 2x Asylum Schizo Toros
– 2x Rico Barato Cameroon Toros
– 2x Vigilante Toros
– 2x Reserva Dorada Toros


Mild – Medium

Reviews (21)

21 reviews for Bargain Barrel Bundle No. 2

  1. caleb sparks (verified owner)

    I didn’t get my Box-Pressed Rebellion i got band less box-pressed and i didn’t get my Rico Barato Cameroon but they replaced it with some torpedo with no band. I get it if y’all ran out as i ordered it. But i didn’t get a notice about it either.

    • Tim Swanson

      This is something my team should have corrected for you. I’ll contact them and have them reach out to you to get your order corrected. Thanks for letting us know. -Tim

  2. Caleph Reese

    I would like to order some of these when they are back in stock.

    • Tim Swanson

      You got it! We’re working to get them back instock for you ASAP

  3. Corey Drake (verified owner)

    Okay, I was skeptical that a bundle of cigars could ever be this good! I’m glad I got a bundle about a week before they sold out. I’m a fan of light to medium body and FIRST:
    The Rico Barato Cameroon is AMAZING! I’ve never had a cameroon wrapper before and it has an amazingly floral aroma, and a light sweetness! It doesn’t have any pepper flavor and for that it gets a 100 in my book 😉 now you know what kind of reviewer I am. I would love to get a box of these! I am no longer ashamed to say I like cheap cigars! The only negative is that it goes out fast. If you don’t keep puffing you’ll have to toke short and fast to get it going again or relight it. The wrapper isn’t perfect but for the price, you shouldn’t be complaining.
    Another goodie, the Habano classico. It is quite good but it does have a peppery finish and it doesn’t go away! It’s also def worth the price!

    Those are the only 2 I’ve smoked from this bundle so far but I WILL review the others when I get to them! I only smoke 1-2 cigars per week so give me some time!
    Based on these 2, the bundle could cost twice as much and I’d pick up a few more!
    Thanks Tim, solid job Cigars Daily for creating this excellent combo at an excellent price!

  4. Joshua Landavaso

    I would like to order a bundle when they are back in stock also

    • Tim Swanson

      This is a very popular sampler and we’re working to get this back in stock for you as soon as possible. Thank you for commenting!

  5. rlotze (verified owner)

    I’m two weeks new to cigars and this was the perfect intro for me. Huge variety of flavors, wrappers, and filler types. It’s really helped me get a feel for the range of variety. Plus I didn’t have to sell off my kids to do it, so that was a bonus.

  6. friedrichk65 (verified owner)

    Very nice sampler! Surprisingly my favorite out of the bunch was the Box-Pressed Rebellion. Great draw and held a nice ash. The Rico Barato was nice too. I’m ordering a bundle of those right after I get done with this. A couple others I’ve had wrapper problems after cutting…almost to the point I couldn’t smoke them but muddled through. I’ll order this bundle again and I might even share some.

  7. rrkimble22 (verified owner)

    Really nice little bundle here. I bought this as my first order from cd and was pretty impressed. I loved the box pressed rebellion and schizo. They are both great entry level cigars for people curious about smoking I definitely recommend those cigars. My only issue with the bundle was the habano classico and reserva Dorada were super dry. I dont think they’ll comeback, probably just chuck them. I’m just going to say it was bad luck on my part though, I dont think cd sent them to me knowingly, the rest of the cigars were fresh. I got a few more packages ordered from them and I’m sure they’ll be fine. I’ll review my next patch of cigars when they arrive

  8. mikeyalbanese (verified owner)

    As this was my FIRST experience with cigars, I’m not sure that I have the experience to speak on it from anything more than a newb level.
    I’ve currently smoked 1 each of 5 of the 6 cigars.
    Honestly, once I got it down, I’ll admit to enjoying a cigar once-thrice a week.
    I will admit that I found the box-pressed a little weird.
    One note: I didn’t get the vigilante pictured. I got something else. The band isn’t with me, but it was not that. The ones that I received were darker.
    So, as a total newb, I liked this well-priced sampler.

    • Tim Swanson

      Thank you for your comment! With regards to the vigilante, they did recently put a new band on that cigar. The previous band (which displayed a shining sun with a face), was changed to a band with a big red ‘V’ in the middle. Sorry for any confusion on that stick!

  9. friedrichk65 (verified owner)

    Becoming my favorite sampler! I think I’ve ordered maybe 4 times. Can’t wait til you get it restocked and hopefully you will! Nice variety…still like the Box-Pressed Rebellion. They have been the most consistent of the bundle. Nice smoke output and mild in my opinion.
    Hurry and restock! 🙂

  10. michaelmccrossan24 (verified owner)

    I live in Ireland 🇮🇪. And received my cigars really quickly over Xmas time even though that’s a really bad time for posting things. I got my cigars in excellent condition and was very happy how fast the shipping was even adding the boveda pack on request to keep my cigars fresh on the travel. I smoked 2 so far with a few beers and am impressed with the quality of cigar for the price. I love the Rico Barato blend. Cigars daily have got a customer for life with me.

  11. Chris Conner (verified owner)

    I must say Tim’s customer service has rocked my world. I recently got into cigars (based on videos from Tim from youtube) and made an order from a competitor because I wanted a cheaper package to practice with and this was out of stock. That company tossed them loosely in a box unpackaged and I got them over a week later. They were dried out, beat up, and even after a week in the humidor still falling apart. It was a beginners disaster. My order from Cigars Daily came in a timely manner and the way they were packed was like art compared to my first ordering fiasco. Sealed in bags and bubble wrap with a Boveda pack just made my day. I’ve smoked a few now and their condition was great. I will definitely be brining my business to Cigars Daily from now on. Thanks Tim and guys keep up the GREAT work!

  12. zjschmidtke13 (verified owner)

    Over all I am pleased with my order. I have smoked 2 of these so far and really enjoyed the Habano Clasico for the price and look forward to the others. I was very disappointed by the Reserva Dorada. Both were cracked on arrival and seemed very dry. One even unraveled on me during the smoke due to the compromising crack. I do understand that these are intended to be budget cigars so I will be sure not to hold a grudge!

  13. terrymr (verified owner)

    I got a couple of pairs without bands on them. Presumably the Box Pressed Rebellion and the Rico Barato. Can I assume they’re the same cigars just without bands ?

    • Tim Swanson

      Yes, those sticks should have each had a sticker on the foot of the cellophane. If they didn’t have them at all and you’d like more info, please email us at and we’ll help clarify.

  14. Alfredo (verified owner)

    I don’t know if it’s just because these are bargain bundle cigars, but I noticed that’s pretty much all the cigars were dry and the wrapper left on most of them were cracked and unraveling.

    • Tim Swanson

      Alfredo, we’ll gladly replace those sticks for you. Dryness isn’t an issue we experience a lot. but if you want to shoot us an email at we’d be glad to make your order right.

  15. David Lloyd (verified owner)

    Good bundle deal to try different cigars vigilante was a nice stick good construction and nice smooth smoke got tastes leather coco sweet chocolate coffee sweet on the tongue
    Rico barato good construction nice aroma good light up and draw nice smooth smoke earthy tobacco and sweet chocolate nice with a coffee
    Schizo Maduro very nice construction good aroma taste cedar and pinewood dark chocolate kind of bitter sweet burn bit uneven quite strong but a good smoke
    Box pressed rebellion very nice construction very good aroma loved this cigar sweet chocolate roasted peanuts light up good very smooth smoke and sweetness on the tongue burn bit uneven had to correct but still a very nice stick would recommend a try
    Habano clasico nice construction light aroma but nice smooth smoke not lots of flavour but an easy smoke lit and burned well no complaints just didn’t blow me away
    Reserva dorada poor construction draw was ok but cigar dry wrapper coming undone tobacco coming out in my mouth flavour cedar wood earthy but nothing else burn uneven and fell apart before I finished it I thought maybe it was a one off but second one was worse and I had to bin it was impossible to smoke but still I would recommend the bundle and cigars daily I live in the UK and the delivery and packaging was excellent had to pay £5 duty and £8 postage on my end but expected that hope review helps

  16. savigna1 (verified owner)

    Just received my bundle today and was blown away by the speed of my delivery. Loved the packaging and the bovida pack was a nice touch. Only gripe although I’ll probably work them out is some have no bands and my vigilante s were not included. Going by the picture onthe website I don’t think the bandless cigars are them as totally wrong colour. I will smoke them anyway and maybe a surprise is in store hahahaha . Overall so far so good. I’ll give my reviews as I smoke them. Thank you all at cigars daily

  17. Mark Brown (verified owner)

    Got my order quickly and was very pleased, I smoked one of each and kept a log to figure out what I liked. Being new to cigars I preferred the milder ones and the Rico Barato Cameroon was the best one (per me). The Vigilante and the Rebellion were to strong for me; maybe later I will warm up to them. I got an assortment of sizes, not all one size, and I liked this so I could judge what felt best. Unfortunately, the only size I could figure out was the torpedo. I found I have a preferred size, but I don’t know the name of it. I looked up the pictures.and descriptions and this was not much help. Looking at a picture vs holding it your hand and really knowing. what you had is the difference. For a beginner’s sampler pack I would have benefited having this information. Regardless this was a great first exposure.

  18. traviskb2015 (verified owner)

    Overall I was happy with my order. The shipping was fast but I was supposed to get 2 vigilante sticks and got none. They replaced it with a Esteban Carrera. I guess I’ll just have to be okay with that. If it would have stated this in the email confirmation then I would be a little more understanding

  19. Jerry Cripps (verified owner)

    I purchased two of the bargain barrel bundles… Each cigar in this bundle were good tasting cigars besides the habano classico, especially for the price. The only real complaint I have is that many of the cigars ended up being 7″ cigars and not Toro’s. To many this may not be a bad thing, but I personally prefer shorter length cigars.
    The cigars that were of the wrong size we’re
    4x Habano Clasico
    4x Rico Barato
    2x Reserva Dorada

  20. William (verified owner)

    Price was nice but you get what you pay for

    I liked the box pressed rebellion but other than that the other cigars were not something I’d just sit and enjoy,
    They were not bad but the flavour was not really exceptional
    All of them had a nice build except for the schizos who are always too tight when I buy them

    I don’t regret buying them but I’ll probably end up giving the rest of them away to friends who wanna try cigars

    I’d defenitely buy the box pressed rebellion again though, its a great bang for the buck

  21. Juan (verified owner)

    This is a solid selection at pretty good price. The one I liked the least is the Reserva Dorada. I had burn issues with one of my Rico Baratos and another one but I don’t remember which one. The Rico Barato didn’t make it past the first third unfortunately. But tasted good in my opinion.

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