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Bargain Barrel Bundle No. 2

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This collection features 6 pairs of very affordable cigars that will please your taste buds without breaking the bank. Right now, grab them at a healthy discount!

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The only thing better than enjoying a heritage tradition like cigars is knowing that you got a great deal. That’s why we put together this bargain bundle with some of the best Cuban sandwiches and long-filler cigars on the market. Here’s a rundown of what you’re getting. The Habano Clasico is a long-filler cigar made completely with Dominican tobacco, and it offers good straightforward Connecticut cigar flavor. The Box-Pressed Rebellion is a Cigars Daily Exclusive that is quickly becoming one of our most popular blends. It’s a Nicaraguan puro with smooth medium bodied flavor. The Schizo is a Cuban-sandwich made by Asylum Cigars. It is easily one of the most popular economic cigars on the market right now. The Rico Barato Cameroon is another Cigars Daily Excluisve. This one is also a Cuban-sandwich with some of the most consistent and quality flavor you will find in an economy cigar. The Vigilante is a Cuban-sandwich that’s made with some of the best tobacco in the world. This bundled stick is wildly popular with cigar smokers on a budget. The Reserva Dorada is the essence of affordable. It’s a Cuban-sandwich that is made with 50% short filler and 50% long filler. It’s not an overly complex flavor, but its consistant.

Additional Information
Weight 1 lbs
Sampler includes

(pictured from left to right)
– 2x Habano Clasico Connecticut Toros
– 2x Box-Pressed Rebellion Toros
– 2x Asylum Schizo Toros
– 2x Rico Barato Cameroon Toros
– 2x Reserva Dorada Toros
– 2x Drew Estate Factory Smokes Sun Grown Gorditos

*some sizes may vary based on availability. We will always work to preserve the value of your order.


Mild – Medium

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