1502 Aniversario 10 Toro (6×50)


“I have met the most wonderful people with a cigar in my hand.” You’ll find this quote from 1502 founder Enrique Sánchez on the inside of the box lid of the Aniversario 10. This new blend was announced early in 2022 to commemorate 1502’s 10th anniversary, and it’s finally here! Named after the year that Christopher Columbus discovered Nicaragua, over the past 10 years 1502 has gained a stellar reputation within the industry for both the quality of their product, and the amazing blends they produce. The Aniversario 10 is a rich and complex medium strength blend that produces notes of coffee, wood, natural tobacco sweetness, earth, and hints of pepper. Give the Aniversario 10 a try, and celebrate 10 years of 1502!