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This Contest has Ended!

Here are the winners of the Contest!

instagram jonesy1200 K&S Cigars 1st place
Facebook Jeremy Holmes‎ Omertà Cigar Co. 2nd place
Facebook Fern Garcia Cigar Boutique of Little Habana. 3rd place
instagram purefireok The Cigar Box Broken Arrow 4th place
Facebook Salomon Diaz‎ Puro Cigar Bar. 5th place
instagram travp344 AP Cigar Co 6th place
Facebook Bryson Hanes Benninger‎ Scottsdale Cigars 7th Place
instagram christina.d.harrison The Cigar Merchant Pipes & Tobacco 8th place
instagram superbri19 Casa de Montecristo By JR Cigar- Paramus NJ 9th place
Facebook Tony Yu Long Wang‎ La Casa Del Habano by Cigar Club 飯倉本店. 10th Place

Tim Period: The contest begins on October 14th at 8:00A Central Time and ends October 21st at 11:00A Central.

What you have to do: 

  1. Go to your favorite Cigar Shop
    1. Buy some cigars.
    2. Take a picture of yourself at the shop!
    3. Post the picture on Facebook or Instagram, and check-in that you were there!
    4. In the description of your post include #brixrock
  2. (OPTIONAL) Write your shop nice a review on Google, Facebook, or Yelp! This has nothing to do with the contest, it’s just really good for your shop.


How Winners are chosen:

  • We will be searching Facebook and Instagram for #brixrock entries and compiling a list of every person who has posted
  • After the contest is over on  October 21st, we’ll use Google Random Number Generator to select 10 winners from our list of contestants.
  • We will announce the winners on Cigars Daily LIVE on Youtube at 8:00p Central Time on Sunday, October 21st
  • The winnings will be distributed as follows
    • 1st Place: Video Poker Arcade Terminal ($1000 value)
    • 2nd Place: Cigars Daily & United Cigars Swag Kit ($178 value)
    • 3rd – 10th Place: Cigars Daily Swag Kit ($108 value)


Really Important Notes:

  • You must be at least 21 years old and have a valid US shipping address to compete.
  • The shop you choose to support must have a Facebook or Instagram account. If the shop doesn’t have an account you will not be able to check-in that you were there.
  • The Cigars Daily HQ is NOT an eligible check-in spot for this contest. If you live in Phoenix, you’ll have to go to another shop to enter the contest. 
  • Smoke shops, head shops, and other generalized tobacco retailers are not eligible as check-in spots for this contest. The shop must be primarily cigars and must identify as a cigar shop and/or lounge
  • It is not necessary for the cigar shop to allow smoking inside. It just as to be primarily cigars for sale in the store
  • Winners will be contacted via Facebook or Instagram messenger after they are announced on Cigars Daily LIVE on Sun, Oct 21st. 



Q. Why are you doing this?

A. Cigars Daily has been a dream come true for everyone in our family. Nonetheless, we have met lots of cigar shop owners that aren’t having as good a time right now as the market becomes more challenging and competitive. We decided to run this contest to bolster support for Brick and Mortar shops all over America. The contest also gives us valuable information on which shops are being visited by people in the Cigars Daily Nation. This gives us a jumping off point for future projects we have planned where we intend to partner with other cigar shops and build valuable commerce relationships.

Q: What if I don’t have a cigar shop within driving distance of where I live?

A: We don’t ever want to leave anyone out of any contest we do. Unfortunately, the nature of this contest requires contestants to have access to a cigar shop. We will, however, have more contests in the future that, like our previous contests, will be much more inclusive to people who do not have convenient access to a cigar shop.

Q. Does my picture have to be taken during the contest or can I use one that I have already taken?

A. The idea behind the contest is to physically go and support your favorite brick and mortar cigar shop. We do not have a way to verifying the time and date of your visit, however, It’s our encouragement that you take the time to physically go to your brick and mortar shop and check in there.

Q. Does my local smoke shop count?

A. The purpose of the #brixrock contest is to support cigar shops and lounges. For that reason, smoke shops, head shops, and generalized tobacco shops do not count as valid entries. People who check-in at places like these won’t be included in the contest finals.

Q. What are the prizes?

A. The first place prize is the Video Poker Machine. It’s worth about $1000.00. The second place prize includes swag items from Cigars Daily and United (e.g. Ashtray, t-shirt, dual torch lighter, Thermal Travel mug, hat, etc.) and is worth about $200.00. The third through tenth place prizes include swag items from Cigars Daily (e.g. Dual Torch Lighter, t-shirt, hat, themal travel mug, etc.) and they are worth about $110 each.

Q. What if my shop doesn’t have a Facebook or Instagram account.

A. It might be time to suggest they create one. In the current commercial market, it’s difficult to survive without a social media account. As far as your entry into the account, you’ll have to find a cigar shop that does have a Facebook or Instagram account in order to enter the competition.

If you have any other questions about the contest you can email, reach out through, or reach out to Tim personally on Instagram at @smokeviking.

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